Psalms 98:8
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8  let the rivers clap their hands, the mountains sing joyously together

n’-ha-ROT yim-kha-u KHAF YA-khad ha-REEM y’-ra-NAY-nu

ח  נְהָרוֹת יִמְחֲאוּ־כָף יַחַד הָרִים יְרַנֵּנוּ׃

 98:8   Let the rivers clap their hands

Rosh Hanikra

The sharp sounds of waters crashing into the rocks, as if calling out to Hashem, and the juxtaposition of great mountains which stand as an affirmation of God’s wondrous creations, can only be referring to one place in Israel: Rosh Hanikra. At the northwestern tip of the country, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, one can see an unusual geological phenomenon. A cliff made of soft white chalk rock hovers over the sea. Over time, the crashing of the waves into the soft rock of the mountain has created different rock formations as well as cavernous tunnels called grottoes. The grottoes weave the geology, history and spirit of the Land of Israel together beautifully, representing nature’s grand praise of God in Eretz Yisrael.

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  • So if the other creation is singing praise to Yahweh, we too whom He has made in His image should follow suit! We the House of Israel praise You Yahweh for the redemption You have given us is eternal! HalleluYah!

  • Thank you! I agree with the narration you have given. Nature is always singing praise to Yahweh, it is just that those detached to the Spirit of Yahweh are unable to see this.

  • The sounds of mighty rushing waters. Picture great and majestic mountains and lush and private valleys, all calling out the glories songs to there creations by the one and Living God of Israel. Can you imagine such a scene. On the northwestern tip of Israel there is a part known as Rosh Hanikra. There are cliffs were there are chalk formations which are so unique unto this part of Israel. Which make this creation of God land so special to the country of Israel so unique upon itself and its people. There are also grottoes that weave throughout this area and create such wonderful geographical formations.

    In short this land of Israel has indeed been so blessed by the hand of God. Been blessed by the love & grace by God. Blessed by the children of God have been placed and settled there upon by God. God has Blessed his children. Good has Blessed Israel. Amen, Carl


Psalms 98:8

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