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Chapter 2

Translation and Transliteration of 

1Why do nations assemble, and peoples plot vain things;

la-MA ra-G'-SHU go-YIM u-l'-u-MEEM y'-h'-GU-REEK

אלָ֭מָּה רָגְשׁ֣וּ גוֹיִ֑ם וּ֝לְאֻמִּ֗ים יֶהְגּוּ־רִֽיק׃

2kings of the earth take their stand, and regents intrigue together against Hashem and against His anointed?

YIT-ta-tz'-VU mal-khay E-retz v'-ro-z'-NEEM no-s'-DU YA-khad al a-do-NAI v'-al m'-shee-KHO

ביִ֥תְיַצְּב֨וּ ׀ מַלְכֵי־אֶ֗רֶץ וְרוֹזְנִ֥ים נֽוֹסְדוּ־יָ֑חַד עַל־יְ֝הֹוָ֗ה וְעַל־מְשִׁיחֽוֹ׃

3“Let us break the cords of their yoke, shake off their ropes from us!”

n'-na-t'-KAH et mo-s'-ro-TAY-mo, v'-nash-LEE-khah mi-ME-nu a-vo-TAY-mo

גנְֽ֭נַתְּקָה אֶת־מֽוֹסְרוֹתֵ֑ימוֹ וְנַשְׁלִ֖יכָה מִמֶּ֣נּוּ עֲבֹתֵֽימוֹ׃

4He who is enthroned in heaven laughs; Hashem mocks at them.

yo-SHEV ba-sha-MA-yim yis-KHAK a-do-NAI yil-AK-la-MO

דיוֹשֵׁ֣ב בַּשָּׁמַ֣יִם יִשְׂחָ֑ק אֲ֝דֹנָ֗י יִלְעַג־לָֽמוֹ׃

5Then He speaks to them in anger, terrifying them in His rage,

az y'-da-BAYR ay-LAY-mo b'-a-PO u-va-kha-RO-no y'-va-ha-LAY-mo

האָ֤ז יְדַבֵּ֣ר אֵלֵ֣ימוֹ בְאַפּ֑וֹ וּֽבַחֲרוֹנ֥וֹ יְבַהֲלֵֽמוֹ׃

6“But I have installed My king on Tzion, My holy mountain!”

va-a-NEE na-SAKH-tee mal-KEE al tzi-YON har kod-SHEE

ווַ֭אֲנִי נָסַ֣כְתִּי מַלְכִּ֑י עַל־צִ֝יּ֗וֹן הַר־קׇדְשִֽׁי׃

2:6   My king on Tzion

As opposed to Psalm 1 which heralds the man who walks in the ways of Hashem, Psalm 2 is directed to nations and kings, rebuking those derelict peoples who reject the Lord and seek to destroy Israel. The Sages suggest various possibilities to explain to which enemy the psalm refers: Nimrod, Pharaoh, or Gog and Magog. But regardless who the enemy is, he is ultimately doomed to destruction. Hashem has chosen a king from among the Children of Israel who will serve as His anointed one on Tzion, His holy mountain. Once the People of Israel conquer and settle the land, the anointed one, king of Israel, will assume the role of defender of his people and will protect Israel from harm.

7Let me tell of the decree: Hashem said to me, “You are My son, I have fathered you this day.

a-sa-pe-RA el-KHOK a-do-NAI a-MAR e-LAI b'-NI a-TAH a-NEE ha-YOM ye-lid-TEE-kha

זאֲסַפְּרָ֗ה אֶֽ֫ל־חֹ֥ק יְֽהֹוָ֗ה אָמַ֘ר אֵלַ֥י בְּנִ֥י אַ֑תָּה אֲ֝נִ֗י הַיּ֥וֹם יְלִדְתִּֽיךָ׃

8Ask it of Me, and I will make the nations your domain; your estate, the limits of the earth.

SH'-al mi-ME-ni v'-et-NAH go-YIM na-cha-LA-te-KHA va-a-KHU-za-te-KHA af-SAY a-RETZ

חשְׁאַ֤ל מִמֶּ֗נִּי וְאֶתְּנָ֣ה ג֭וֹיִם נַחֲלָתֶ֑ךָ וַ֝אֲחֻזָּתְךָ֗ אַפְסֵי־אָֽרֶץ׃

9You can smash them with an iron mace, shatter them like potter's ware.”

t'-RO-em b'-SHE-vet bar-ZEL, kikh-LEE yo-TZER t'-na-p'-TZEM

טתְּ֭רֹעֵם בְּשֵׁ֣בֶט בַּרְזֶ֑ל כִּכְלִ֖י יוֹצֵ֣ר תְּנַפְּצֵֽם׃

10So now, O kings, be prudent; accept discipline, you rulers of the earth!

v'-a-TAH m'-la-KHEEM ha-s'-KI-lu, hi-va-S'-RU shof-TAY a-RETZ

יוְ֭עַתָּה מְלָכִ֣ים הַשְׂכִּ֑ילוּ הִ֝וָּסְר֗וּ שֹׁ֣פְטֵי אָֽרֶץ׃

11Serve Hashem in awe; tremble with fright,

i-V'-DU et a-do-NAI b'-yir-AH v'-gi-LU bi-r'-a-DAH

יאעִבְד֣וּ אֶת־יְהֹוָ֣ה בְּיִרְאָ֑ה וְ֝גִ֗ילוּ בִּרְעָדָֽה׃

12pay homage in good faith, lest He be angered, and your way be doomed in the mere flash of His anger. Happy are all who take refuge in Him.

na-sh'-KU-var PEN-ye-e-NAF v'-to-v'-DU DE-rekh kee-yiv-AR k'-m'-AT a-PO a-sh'-RAY kol-KHO-sei VO. (P)

יבנַשְּׁקוּ־בַ֡ר פֶּן־יֶאֱנַ֤ף ׀ וְתֹ֬אבְדוּ דֶ֗רֶךְ כִּֽי־יִבְעַ֣ר כִּמְעַ֣ט אַפּ֑וֹ אַ֝שְׁרֵ֗י כׇּל־ח֥וֹסֵי בֽוֹ׃