Chapter 42

1For the leader. A maskil of the Korahites.

אלַמְנַצֵּחַ מַשְׂכִּיל לִבְנֵי־קֹרַח׃

2Like a hind crying for water, my soul cries for You, O Hashem;

בכְּאַיָּל תַּעֲרֹג עַל־אֲפִיקֵי־מָיִם כֵּן נַפְשִׁי תַעֲרֹג אֵלֶיךָ אֱלֹהִים׃

3my soul thirsts for Hashem, the living Hashem; O when will I come to appear before Hashem!

גצָמְאָה נַפְשִׁי לֵאלֹהִים לְאֵל חָי מָתַי אָבוֹא וְאֵרָאֶה פְּנֵי אֱלֹהִים׃

4My tears have been my food day and night; I am ever taunted with, “Where is your God?”

דהָיְתָה־לִּי דִמְעָתִי לֶחֶם יוֹמָם וָלָיְלָה בֶּאֱמֹר אֵלַי כָּל־הַיּוֹם אַיֵּה אֱלֹהֶיךָ׃

5When I think of this, I pour out my soul: how I walked with the crowd, moved with them, the festive throng, to the House of Hashem with joyous shouts of praise.

האֵלֶּה אֶזְכְּרָה וְאֶשְׁפְּכָה עָלַי נַפְשִׁי כִּי אֶעֱבֹר בַּסָּךְ אֶדַּדֵּם עַד־בֵּית אֱלֹהִים בְּקוֹל־רִנָּה וְתוֹדָה הָמוֹן חוֹגֵג׃

6Why so downcast, my soul, why disquieted within me? Have hope in Hashem; I will yet praise Him for His saving presence.

ומַה־תִּשְׁתּוֹחֲחִי נַפְשִׁי וַתֶּהֱמִי עָלָי הוֹחִילִי לֵאלֹהִים כִּי־עוֹד אוֹדֶנּוּ יְשׁוּעוֹת פָּנָיו׃

7O my God, my soul is downcast; therefore I think of You in this land of Yarden and Chermon, in Mount Mizar,

e-lo-HAI a-LAI naf-SHEE tish-to-KHAKH al KAYN ez-ko-r'-KHA may-E-retz yar-DAYN v'-kher-mo-NEEM may-HAR mitz-AR

זאֱ‍לֹהַי עָלַי נַפְשִׁי תִשְׁתּוֹחָח עַל־כֵּן אֶזְכָּרְךָ מֵאֶרֶץ יַרְדֵּן וְחֶרְמוֹנִים מֵהַר מִצְעָר׃

 42:7   And Chermon, in Mount Mizar

Mount Chermon

A young man living in the northern region of Israel longs for Yerushalayim, his soul thirsting for closeness to God. Unable to reach the holy city, he finds his inspiration in Mount Chermon. Soaring over two thousand eight hundred meters above sea level, this mountain range is covered in snow for much of the year, and the runoff of melting snow is a major source of freshwater for the Jordan River which flows into the Sea of Galilee. The runoff from the top of the Chermon also enables a fertile plant life and rich vegetation below the snow line of the mountain, and the southern slopes of the mountains extend to the northern Golan Heights. Yet despite the richness in rain, vegetation and awe-inspiring vistas, the psalmist still seeks spiritual inspiration two hundred kilometers southward, from a small hill upon which stands the Beit Hamikdash and from where the word of Hashem emanates to the entire world: Yerushalayim.

8where deep calls to deep in the roar of Your cataracts; all Your breakers and billows have swept over me.

חתְּהוֹם־אֶל־תְּהוֹם קוֹרֵא לְקוֹל צִנּוֹרֶיךָ כָּל־מִשְׁבָּרֶיךָ וְגַלֶּיךָ עָלַי עָבָרוּ׃

9By day may Hashem vouchsafe His faithful care, so that at night a song to Him may be with me, a prayer to the God of my life.

טיוֹמָם יְצַוֶּה יְהֹוָה חַסְדּוֹ וּבַלַּיְלָה שירה [שִׁירוֹ] עִמִּי תְּפִלָּה לְאֵל חַיָּי׃

10I say to Hashem, my rock, “Why have You forgotten me, why must I walk in gloom, oppressed by my enemy?”

יאוֹמְרָה לְאֵל סַלְעִי לָמָה שְׁכַחְתָּנִי לָמָּה־קֹדֵר אֵלֵךְ בְּלַחַץ אוֹיֵב׃

11Crushing my bones, my foes revile me, taunting me always with, “Where is your God?”

יאבְּרֶצַח בְּעַצְמוֹתַי חֵרְפוּנִי צוֹרְרָי בְּאָמְרָם אֵלַי כָּל־הַיּוֹם אַיֵּה אֱלֹהֶיךָ׃

12Why so downcast, my soul, why disquieted within me? Have hope in Hashem; I will yet praise Him, my ever-present help, my God.

יבמַה־תִּשְׁתּוֹחֲחִי נַפְשִׁי וּמַה־תֶּהֱמִי עָלָי הוֹחִילִי לֵאלֹהִים כִּי־עוֹד אוֹדֶנּוּ יְשׁוּעֹת פָּנַי וֵאלֹהָי׃