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Chapter 23

Translation and Transliteration of 

1A psalm of David. Hashem is my shepherd; I lack nothing.

Miz-MOR le-DA-vid, a-do-NAI ro-I lo ekh-SAR.

אמִזְמ֥וֹר לְדָוִ֑ד יְהֹוָ֥ה רֹ֝עִ֗י לֹ֣א אֶחְסָֽר׃

2He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me to water in places of repose;

bin-OT de-SHE yar-bi-TSE-ni al-mei me-nu-KHOT ye-na-ha-LE-ni

בבִּנְא֣וֹת דֶּ֭שֶׁא יַרְבִּיצֵ֑נִי עַל־מֵ֖י מְנֻח֣וֹת יְנַהֲלֵֽנִי׃

3He renews my life; He guides me in right paths as befits His name.

NAF-shi y'-sho-VAYV, yan-KHE-ni b'-ma-g'-LEI tze-DEK, l'-MA-an sh'-MO.

גנַפְשִׁ֥י יְשׁוֹבֵ֑ב יַֽנְחֵ֥נִי בְמַעְגְּלֵי־צֶ֝֗דֶק לְמַ֣עַן שְׁמֽוֹ׃

4Though I walk through a valley of deepest darkness, I fear no harm, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff—they comfort me.

gam ki-e-lekh b'-gei tzal-mavet lo-i-ra ra ki-a-tah i-ma-di shiv-te-kha u-mish-a-ne-te-kha he-ma ye-na-cha-mu-ni

דגַּ֤ם כִּֽי־אֵלֵ֨ךְ בְּגֵ֪יא צַלְמָ֡וֶת לֹא־אִ֘ירָ֤א רָ֗ע כִּי־אַתָּ֥ה עִמָּדִ֑י שִׁבְטְךָ֥ וּ֝מִשְׁעַנְתֶּ֗ךָ הֵ֣מָּה יְנַֽחֲמֻֽנִי׃

5You spread a table for me in full view of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; my drink is abundant.

ta-a-ROKH l'-fa-NAI shul-KHAN NE-ged tzor-RAI, di-SHAN-ta va-SHE-men ro-SHI, ko-SEE r'-va-YAH

התַּעֲרֹ֬ךְ לְפָנַ֨י ׀ שֻׁלְחָ֗ן נֶ֥גֶד צֹרְרָ֑י דִּשַּׁ֥נְתָּ בַשֶּׁ֥מֶן רֹ֝אשִׁ֗י כּוֹסִ֥י רְוָיָֽה׃

6Only goodness and steadfast love shall pursue me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of Hashem for many long years.

AKH TOV va-KHE-sed yir-d'-FU-nee kol y'-MAY kha-YAI v'-shav-TEE b'-vayt a-do-NAI l-O-rekh ya-MEEM

ואַ֤ךְ ׀ ט֤וֹב וָחֶ֣סֶד יִ֭רְדְּפוּנִי כׇּל־יְמֵ֣י חַיָּ֑י וְשַׁבְתִּ֥י בְּבֵית־יְ֝הֹוָ֗ה לְאֹ֣רֶךְ יָמִֽים׃

 23:6   And I shall dwell in the house of Hashem for many long years

Psalm 23 has stood by the Jewish people as their support through the darkest days of persecution and exile. Over the centuries, no evil murderer or terrible tragedy has been able to crush the resilient spirit of the Jews, when they remember that “You are with me” (verse 4). King David certainly has a difficult life. While he never gives up hope, as he knows that Hashem is with him, he longs for times when he can live comfortably in the Holy Land while “goodness and steadfast love shall pursue me all the days of my life.” The concluding phrase “I shall dwell in the house of Hashem for many long years” uses the Hebrew word v’shavtee (ושבתי), ‘to dwell.’ However, the word also means ‘I will return.’ Here, King David prays not only to dwell in God’s palace, but that he will be found worthy of returning there frequently.