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Chapter 16

Translation and Transliteration of 

1A michtam of David. Protect me, O Hashem, for I seek refuge in You.

mik-TAM le-DA-vid, sho-M'-RE-ni el, ki-cha-SEE-tee vaKH

אמִכְתָּ֥ם לְדָוִ֑ד שׇֽׁמְרֵ֥נִי אֵ֝֗ל כִּֽי־חָסִ֥יתִי בָֽךְ׃

2I say to Hashem, “You are my Lord, my benefactor; there is none above You.”

a-MAR-t'-la-do-NAI a-do-NAI a-TA to-VA-tee bal a-LE-kha

באָמַ֣רְתְּ לַֽ֭יהֹוָה אֲדֹנָ֣י אָ֑תָּה ט֝וֹבָתִ֗י בַּל־עָלֶֽיךָ׃

3As to the holy and mighty ones that are in the land, my whole desire concerning them is that

li-k'-do-SHEEM a-SHER ba-A-rets heM-ma, v'-a-di-REI kol-khef-tzi-bam

גלִ֭קְדוֹשִׁים אֲשֶׁר־בָּאָ֣רֶץ הֵ֑מָּה וְ֝אַדִּירֵ֗י כׇּל־חֶפְצִי־בָֽם׃

4those who espouse another [god] may have many sorrows! I will have no part of their bloody libations; their names will not pass my lips.

yir-BU a-tz'-vo-TAM a-KHER ma-HA-ru bal a-SIKH nis-KAY-hem mi-DAM u-bal e-SA et sh'-mo-TAM al-s'-fa-TAI

דיִרְבּ֥וּ עַצְּבוֹתָם֮ אַחֵ֢ר מָ֫הָ֥רוּ בַּל־אַסִּ֣יךְ נִסְכֵּיהֶ֣ם מִדָּ֑ם וּֽבַל־אֶשָּׂ֥א אֶת־שְׁ֝מוֹתָ֗ם עַל־שְׂפָתָֽי׃

5Hashem is my allotted share and portion; You control my fate.

a-do-NAI m'-NAT-khel-KEE v'-ko-SEE a-TAH to-MEEKH go-RA-LEE

היְֽהֹוָ֗ה מְנָת־חֶלְקִ֥י וְכוֹסִ֑י אַ֝תָּ֗ה תּוֹמִ֥יךְ גּוֹרָלִֽי׃

6Delightful country has fallen to my lot; lovely indeed is my estate.

kha-va-LEEM na-f'-lu LEE ba-n'-i-MEEM af na-kha-LAT sha-f'-RAH a-LAI

וחֲבָלִ֣ים נָֽפְלוּ־לִ֭י בַּנְּעִמִ֑ים אַף־נַ֝חֲלָ֗ת שָֽׁפְרָ֥ה עָלָֽי׃

16:6   Delightful country has fallen to my lot; lovely indeed is my estate

The Land of Israel is divided into portions, one for each tribe. In Bamidbar (26:52-56), the Bible delineates the process by which each tribe was awarded its specific inheritance. On the one hand, the leaders of the nation are commanded to apportion the land with careful attention paid to ensure that each receives an appropriate inheritance: “With larger groups, increase the share; with smaller groups, reduce the share.” In addition, some tribes were seafarers, while others were vintners; some were mountain people and others preferred the planes, and the land was divided accordingly. On the other hand, though, the Torah tells us that a special divine lottery would be held to determine the inheritance of each tribe: “Each portion shall be assigned by lot, whether for larger or smaller groups.” This apparent contradiction contains a message to the tribes of Israel. On the one hand, conquering and colonizing the land is dependent on the effort and involvement of each individual. On the other hand, they must always be aware of the divine element in settling Eretz Yisrael.

7I bless Hashem who has guided me; my conscience admonishes me at night.

a-va-REKH et a-do-NAI a-SHER ya-a-TZA-nee, af-lay-LOT yi-se-RO-nee khee-lo-YO-tai

זאֲבָרֵ֗ךְ אֶת־יְ֭הֹוָה אֲשֶׁ֣ר יְעָצָ֑נִי אַף־לֵ֝יל֗וֹת יִסְּר֥וּנִי כִלְיוֹתָֽי׃

8I am ever mindful of Hashem's presence; He is at my right hand; I shall never be shaken.

shi-VI-tee a-do-NAI l'-NEG-dee ta-MEED, kee mi-MEE-nee bal e-MOT

חשִׁוִּ֬יתִי יְהֹוָ֣ה לְנֶגְדִּ֣י תָמִ֑יד כִּ֥י מִֽ֝ימִינִ֗י בַּל־אֶמּֽוֹט׃

9So my heart rejoices, my whole being exults, and my body rests secure.

la-KHEN sa-MAKH li-BEE va-YA-gel ke-vo-DEE af b'-sa-REE yish-KON la-ve-TAKH

טלָכֵ֤ן ׀ שָׂמַ֣ח לִ֭בִּי וַיָּ֣גֶל כְּבוֹדִ֑י אַף־בְּ֝שָׂרִ֗י יִשְׁכֹּ֥ן לָבֶֽטַח׃

10For You will not abandon me to Sheol, or let Your faithful one see the Pit.

KI lo-ta-a-ZOV naf-SHI lish-OL, lo-ti-TEN cha-see-DE-kha li-RE-ot sha-KHAT.

יכִּ֤י ׀ לֹא־תַעֲזֹ֣ב נַפְשִׁ֣י לִשְׁא֑וֹל לֹֽא־תִתֵּ֥ן חֲ֝סִידְךָ֗ לִרְא֥וֹת שָֽׁחַת׃

11You will teach me the path of life. In Your presence is perfect joy; delights are ever in Your right hand.

to-DEE-e-NEE o-RAKH kha-YEEM so-VA s'-ma-KHOT et pa-NE-kha nee-MOT bi-mee-ne-KHA ne-TZAKH

יאתּֽוֹדִיעֵנִי֮ אֹ֤רַח חַ֫יִּ֥ים שֹׂ֣בַע שְׂ֭מָחוֹת אֶת־פָּנֶ֑יךָ נְעִמ֖וֹת בִּימִינְךָ֣ נֶֽצַח׃