Psalms 95:2
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2  let us come into His presence with praise; let us raise a shout for Him in song!

n’-ka-d’-MA fa-NAV b’-to-DAH biz-mi-ROT na-REE-a LO

ב  נְקַדְּמָה פָנָיו בְּתוֹדָה בִּזְמִרוֹת נָרִיעַ לוֹ׃

 95:2   Let us raise a shout for Him in song

The Hebrew word for ‘song’ in the verse is zemirot, the plural form of zemer (זמר). While song is the most common definition of this word, the root ז-מ-ר has another meaning as well: to ‘prune’ a plant by removing extraneous branches. The connection between these meanings is not initially obvious, but since Hebrew words get to an object’s essence, a closer look reveals the correlation between them. A tree thrives when its heavy branches and extraneous foliage are clipped, so that it can channel its nutritional resources to its most important elements. Similarly, music is not the collection of randomly collected notes. To create a beautiful song, one must ‘prune’ extraneous sounds. This same principle can be applied to our own lives as well. In order to properly transform our entire lives into a holy song, we must remove the burdensome elements of our character.

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Psalms 95
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  • Ibrahim Kalengo

    Let us open our hearts and sing praise to the MOST HIGH LORD GOD



  • It is time for us to sing our song unto Him who has created us from out of dust and clay. We sing our song unto our father who gave us life from his breath unto us in love and kindness. and we sing in joy and dance in delight to his ways and laws for they fill our hearts with hope and light and happiness. We were created in his image and therefore can delight in his image in one another and feel his grace in us abound in all his creation in the world he created all around us. For God is our Father and Creator and we are His children and airs to this world he created for us to dwell upon. For we live to become better than we were to have become be the fall and to give all glory to the Father and strive through The Law to give thanks for His creation and our lives . Amen. Carl

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Psalms 95:2

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