Psalms 91:15
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15  When he calls on Me, I will answer him; I will be with him in distress; I will rescue him and make him honored;

yik-ra-AY-nee v’-e-e-NAY-hu i-MO a-no-KHEE v’-tza-RAH a-kha-l’-TZAY-hu va-a-kha-b’-DAY-hu

טו  יִקְרָאֵנִי וְאֶעֱנֵהוּ עִמּוֹ־אָנֹכִי בְצָרָה אֲחַלְּצֵהוּ וַאֲכַבְּדֵהוּ׃

91:15   I will rescue him

Psalm 91 is special, as it includes Hashem’s response at the end. By contrast, most of the other Tehillim are presented in only one direction, with man speaking to, or about, the Lord. Rarely do we find a psalm that includes an expression of God recognizing the faith that man has shown and responding in kind, offering comfort. The psalmist conveys the message that one who puts his hope and trust in Hashem will ultimately see the rewards of His guidance and providence. Verse 15 is therefore seen as one of the most comforting ideas in all of the psalms. The committed servant of God knows that even when he may falter and, as a result, be sent out of the land, Hashem will still hear his call and eventually save him. God is “with him in distress;” He follows his servants into exile, and is ready to bring them home as soon they are ready to call out to Him.

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  • We are told that Psalm 91 is very special, and indeed after reading this, I agree it is more than just true but here now gives us such great hope for the future for were ever we may go. In this psalm we actually receive a response from our Lord Thi God Himself. Think of this and realize just how important and utterly soul shockingly warming and powerfully moving this is. Can you ever imagine being there at this time, this very moment when it was said to man? Man often reaches out to God in prayer and thus this is a good and wise thing indeed. However rarely does God speak back to man in the response as latter uttered to man latter in this psalm.God knows we have faith however He knows that there are some that have in them such strong and powerful strength in there faith that it has made him a true life long committed servant of God, perhaps as a Temple Priest or Rabbi would be?

    Now know this that God knows that even the most committed man may falter and fall away however. God never will leave his side. God just does not dismiss His children. God will send him away perhaps for a time and a half a time and then call out his name to return. But consider this. God never left his side in the first place. God was always there to guide him back through the trials that he needed to go through. For the loyal man to God the faithful man, the loved man of God is never forgotten. Amen. The Love of our God is a wonderful live long journey. We need to learn, love Him with all our souls, heart and every fiber of our being. in this way our love becomes perfect for him. As much as man can be. Amen. Carl

    • "In this way our love becomes perfect for Him" wow!!! that is breathtaking! Thank you Carl. I love this Psalm, and the commentary above is a real eye-opener for me. I have come to learn that this is the only Psalm where Yahweh answers back. Thank you Israel Bible.

  • This has always been my favorite Psalm, I have studied it for years and after 30 years I am still learning. His secret place is where I want to dwell. Too many times in our lives we leave that shelter. Pray for us all to remain in His protection and know His name.

    • I love His secret place too, and He admonishes us in other parts of the Bible to keep in that place; He knows that is where we belong, free from all destructions including temptations.

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Psalms 91:15

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