Psalms 87
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1  Of the Korahites. A psalm. A song. His foundation is on the holy mountains.

א  לִבְנֵי־קֹרַח מִזְמוֹר שִׁיר יְסוּדָתוֹ בְּהַרְרֵי־קֹדֶשׁ׃

2  Hashem loves the gates of Tzion, more than all the dwellings of Yaakov.

o-HAYV a-do-NAI sha-a-RAY tzi-YON mi-KOL mish-k’-NOT ya-a-KOV

ב  אֹהֵב יְהֹוָה שַׁעֲרֵי צִיּוֹן מִכֹּל מִשְׁכְּנוֹת יַעֲקֹב׃

3  Glorious things are spoken of you, O city of Hashem. Selah.

ג  נִכְבָּדוֹת מְדֻבָּר בָּךְ עִיר הָאֱלֹהִים סֶלָה׃

4  I mention Rahab and Babylon among those who acknowledge Me; Philistia, and Tyre, and Cush—each was born there.

ד  אַזְכִּיר רַהַב וּבָבֶל לְיֹדְעָי הִנֵּה פְלֶשֶׁת וְצוֹר עִם־כּוּשׁ זֶה יֻלַּד־שָׁם׃

5  Indeed, it shall be said of Tzion, “Every man was born there.” He, the Most High, will preserve it.

ul-tzi-YON yay-a-MAR EESH v’-EESH yu-lad BAH v’-HU y’-kho-n’-NE-ha el-YON

ה  וּלֲצִיּוֹן יֵאָמַר אִישׁ וְאִישׁ יֻלַּד־בָּהּ וְהוּא יְכוֹנְנֶהָ עֶלְיוֹן׃

6  Hashem will inscribe in the register of peoples that each was born there. Selah.

ו  יְהֹוָה יִסְפֹּר בִּכְתוֹב עַמִּים זֶה יֻלַּד־שָׁם סֶלָה׃

7  Singers and dancers alike [will say]: “All my roots are in You.”

ז  וְשָׁרִים כְּחֹלְלִים כָּל־מַעְיָנַי בָּךְ׃

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Psalms 87

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