Psalms 81:1
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1  For the leader; on the gittith. Of Asaf.

lam-na-TZAY-akh al ha-gi-TEET l’-a-SAF

א  לַמְנַצֵּחַ עַל־הַגִּתִּית לְאָסָף׃

 81:1   On the gittith

Ancient wine press in Shivta, Israel

According to some, the gittith, upon which this psalm is uttered, refers to a gat (גת), ‘wine press.’ This psalm, which presents Hashem’s response to the previous psalm, opts for a much slower, methodical process of salvation. As opposed to the metaphor of a vine being lifted up whole and then planted again in the land, the nation is not yet ready for, or deserving of, immediate salvation. Rather, like the procedure for producing wine from grapes, salvation will take time. The process requires several stages, and it requires a passage of time until the final product is ready. The message of this psalm is that redemption does not occur instantaneously. Just as winemaking requires a process involving various stages such as laborious harvesting, crushing, selecting, fermenting and ultimately waiting, before producing the finished product, so does redemption. But just as with fine wine, it is well worth the wait.

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  • God’s response to the previous psalm, opts for a much slower, methodical process of salvation.The nation is not ready, nor to be honest not deserving of an immediate salvation. God knows that this is something that needs to be learned and earned. This process is going to require several stages that will take the people through a learning process that will as the fermenting process of grapes turning into wine goes. Through proper time and tenderness and educations the progress brings forth a wonderful wine that is full bodied and full of character. As in wine redemption does not occur instantaneously. Both take time and both bring for a wonderful full bouquet of finished quality, both worth the wait, NO?

    Anything worth while is worth the wait. especially redemption for such a great offence as walking away from God. If God did not love us, His children he would not punish us and teach us. He would not have told us what sin was nor teach us the laws of sin and why we need to avoid sin. We were created as Children of God. We were always meant to be God's Children and as such we needed the law to teach us how to stay His Children and learn Right from Wrong. Carl


Psalms 81:1

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