Psalms 80:9
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9  You plucked up a vine from Egypt; You expelled nations and planted it.

GE-fen mi-mitz-RA-yim ta-SEE-a t’-ga-RAYSH go-YIM va-ti-ta-E-ha

ט  גֶּפֶן מִמִּצְרַיִם תַּסִּיעַ תְּגָרֵשׁ גּוֹיִם וַתִּטָּעֶהָ׃

80:9   Thou didst pluck up a vine out of Egypt

In this psalm, Asaf employs a refrain asking Hashem to shine His infinite, glorious light upon His downtrodden people. He dreams of God’s miraculous and overt return to the people. Just as Hashem took the vine, representing the entire Nation of Israel, out of Egypt and re-planted it in Canaan, so too should they receive His immediate deliverance in a complete and absolute fashion. The psalmist repeats the nation’s desire for Hashem to shine His face upon them and bring them salvation. The next psalm, Psalm 81, records God’s response to this plea.

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Psalms 80
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  • My Dear God, shine your glorious light upon your low and down downtrodden people.Yes we have walked away and left your side, yet we come to you and ask forgiveness for our sins and lack of faith in you Oh Lord Thi God. Only you can save us in a
    miraculous way as you did when you took our vine from Egypt and re-planted it in Canaan. So to my God should we receive forgiveness and deliverance from the sins we have comment from thee.

    Please Dear Lord Thi God He repeats Shine your face on our Nation. Bring us salvation in a blink of an eye. He requests of the Lord. For he knows only the Lord can do this miraculous thing. What will God's response be? I must wonder myself. Have the people of Israel understood what they had done wrong? have they learned that by walking away from God has cost them dearly? Have they learned that God truly loves his people and that the law is designed to make them grow and prosper and truly be happy among all nations on this Earth? Carl

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Psalms 80:9

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