Psalms 79:1
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1  A psalm of Asaf. O Hashem, heathens have entered Your domain, defiled Your holy temple, and turned Yerushalayim into ruins.

miz-MOR l’-a-SAF e-lo-HEEM BA-u go-YIM b’-na-kha-la-TE-kha ti-m’-U et hay-KHAL kod-SHE-kha SA-mu et y’-ru-sha-LA-im l’-i-YEEM

א  מִזְמוֹר לְאָסָף אֱ‍לֹהִים בָּאוּ גוֹיִם בְּנַחֲלָתֶךָ טִמְּאוּ אֶת־הֵיכַל קָדְשֶׁךָ שָׂמוּ אֶת־יְרוּשָׁלַ ִם לְעִיִּים׃

79:1   Defiled Your holy temple

In some Jewish communities, this psalm is recited on the ninth of the Hebrew month of Av, which is the saddest day of the year as it commemorates the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash. As Yirmiyahu does in Megillat Eicha, the psalmist laments the day when Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylonia, and his general Nebuzaradan entered the city of Yerushalayim. Nebuchadnezzar and Nebuzaradan defiled and burned the Beit Hamikdash, destroyed the city, slaughtered many of its inhabitants and exiled the rest of the nation. This grave day has been etched into the consciousness of every Jew throughout history. The conclusion of the psalm is a plea for God’s vengeance so that the nations of the world will know the true justice of Hashem, and His name will remain glorified in the world.

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Psalms 79:1

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