Psalms 78:60
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60  He forsook the Mishkan of Shilo, the tent He had set among men.

va-yi-TOSH mish-KAN shi-LO O-hel shi-KAYN ba-a-DAM

ס  וַיִּטֹּשׁ מִשְׁכַּן שִׁלוֹ אֹהֶל שִׁכֵּן בָּאָדָם׃

78:60   The Mishkan of Shilo

Psalm 78 rebukes the Nation of Israel with a history lesson. The psalmist reminds his audience about the days of old, to exhort them to follow Hashem’s commandments. Much of the psalm is dedicated to the plight of the Israelites in exile during the period of servitude in Egypt and afterwards in the desert. The rebuke continues with the period after Israel entered the Promised Land. There, as well, they provoked Hashem by following their hearts that led them astray. In response, God removed His presence from the Mishkan in Shilo. Due to the corruption of the priests and the ignorance of the populace, the Tabernacle was destroyed (see Samuel I 4), the Ark of the Covenant was taken in battle by the Philistines and the high priest, Eli, and his two sons died.

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  • Wow to those that have not learned the lessons of old. For when we served in the land of the Egyptians and were but slaves . We must continue to walk in the ways of our God. and continue to teach out young His ways.But the rebuke continues with Israel living in the Promised Land It is so important that especially now that we do not forget the Lords ways and continue to follow and to teach our young the ways of our fathers hat followed him from the days of old. However there hearts waxed cold and they followed the ways of there hearts as in the days in the Sinai and thy created the cafe of gold. God, in turn, removed His presence from the Tabernacle in Shiloh. Perhaps not only as a lesson but that he no longer could stand there impurity in thought and deed that to him hurt his heart and very soul and drove him away. I realized some time ago that God has a heart and soul so much greater and deeper than that of ours. How much deeper he loves his children and sometimes when they go astray so much further than he hopes it hurts him so deep God even cries tears. perhaps this was one of those times and he removed himself from the picture?

    A mini-destruction of the Temple takes place, this due to the corruption of the priest and the people of the nations. The very Ark of the Covenant is taken in battle against the Philistines and the high priest, Eli, and his sons die.What a great loss, a great sorrow, wow to the Jewish people, Wow to the Children of God. Such a great loss and an untraceable loss in so many ways yet unfathomable to the Jewish nation a as a whole. Carl

Psalms 78:60

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