Psalms 76:2
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2  Hashem has made Himself known in Yehuda, His name is great in Yisrael;

no-DA bee-hu-DAH e-lo-HEEM b’-yis-ra-AYL ga-DOL sh’-MO

ב  נוֹדָע בִּיהוּדָה אֱלֹהִים בְּיִשְׂרָאֵל גָּדוֹל שְׁמוֹ׃

 76:2   His name is great in Yisrael

This psalm is a song of praise to Hashem for saving the Nation of Israel from its enemies. Though it is unclear to which specific battle this psalm refers, contemporary author Amos Hakham points to the Septuagint, which adds the words “regarding the Assyrian” into the title of the psalm. This certainly refers to the battle recorded in Sefer Melachim II (18-19), which took place in the eighth century BCE between Sennacherib, king of Assyria, and the kingdom of Yehuda under the leadership of King Chizkiyahu. Assyria had conquered Mesopotamia and the ten tribes of Yisrael, dispersing them throughout his empire. Their emissaries stood at the gates of Yerushalayim and warned Chizkiyahu of impending doom. The prophet Yeshayahu assured the king that God would bring salvation to Yehuda and protect them from harm. Miraculously, Sennacheribs army mysteriously died overnight and the Assyrians returned home without conquering Yerushalayim. This might explain the statement “Hashem has made Himself known in Yehuda,” since as a result of this incident, all kingdoms heard that Hashem battles on behalf of Yehuda and Yerushalayim. God is known to be in Yehuda.

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  • Shlomenu

    may Geula come to Israel this 5780 so we sing HaShem's greatness Israel over

  • Sing the song of praises to the Lord thi God. For he has saved this nation of Israel. The king of Assyria had already dispersed the ten tribes of Israel, dispersing them throughout his empire. Now he lay before the city of gates of Jerusalem we learn and lay in wait to destroy the last stronghold of Israel. Isaiah the prophet assured the king that God would bring salvation to Judah and protect them from harm. Somehow the army, all of them dies overnight. How can this be. yet when you have a Living God, The one and only God of Israel. There can be no other outcome. The prophet of God, true prophet of God word is never wrong. (the true test of the prophet)

    Thus explains the statement “in Judah is God known,”for in all the known world it has been herd that God battles on behalf of Judea. and Jerusalem. God is known to be in Judah.

    I believe this is what is happening now in today's Israel. A rebirth in the feeling that God is always been with us but a renewal in feeling his physical presence also. A spiritual return and physical return in the form of the third Temple, a new Priesthood. A reawakening in the rebirth of the appearance of The Messiah. Carl

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Psalms 76:2

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