Psalms 75:7
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7  For what lifts a man comes not from the east or the west or the wilderness;

KEE LO mi-mo-TZA u-mi-ma-a-RAV v’-LO mi-mid-BAR ha-REEM

ז  כִּי לֹא מִמּוֹצָא וּמִמַּעֲרָב וְלֹא מִמִּדְבַּר הָרִים׃

 75:7   For what lifts a man comes not from the east or the west

Har Yishai Mountain in the Negev overlooking the Dead Sea.

The psalmist addresses the wealthy, telling them that they should not think their riches result from their own doing. Rather, Hashem alone “brings down one man, He lifts up another” (verse 8). In this context, the psalmist tells the affluent not to look to the east or west for the source of their prosperity, and ends with the words v’lo mimidbar harim (ולא ממדבר הרים). Commentators struggle to understand this expression. One explanation places a comma between midbar, ‘wilderness,’ and harim, ‘mountains,’ using them as geographical poles, similar to east and west. Based on this interpretation the verse means ‘your wealth does not come from the east or west, nor does it come from the desert or the mountains.’ A second interpretation understands the word harim as a verb meaning ‘to lift up.’ According to this explanation, the verse means ‘not from east or west, nor from the desert will you be lifted up (i.e. become wealthy).’ Regardless of the precise interpretation of the phrase, its message is to recognize that Hashem is the one who provides bounty and wealth.

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  • The most important thing to understand about this psalmist addresses the wealthy with words of wisdom pertaining to the blessing of there wealth. Sometimes the wealthy tend to forget that there wealth is indeed a gift from god and they should use there gift with that in mind. help to support there local Temple well in today's world. Back then in David's time help to support the one and only Temple however in what ever way they could. or in the defense of Israels army and so on.

    The main point to remember is that God is the one that provides the bounty and the wealth. Especially in the land of Israel This land this mirical of a land and people has survived against all odds. . After all it is “a land which the LORD thy God careth for… from the beginning of the year even unto the end of the year” (Deuteronomy 11:12). Also until the end of the age of man.

    Can you imagine seeing the Temple from afar on a sunny day or by the darkness of night. seeing the white cloud coming from the Temple and knowing that the presence of the Lord thi God was there in Israel? I mean i can feel the Love of God wheel up in me just thinking of this. Or by night seeing a great and powerful pillar of fire and light coming from the temple. Not only lighting the city but warming the souls of all those people in Israel. For the Lord thi God was ever Present here in Israel. What a time to have lived there in the physical presences of God, even from afar. I wish I could have been there. But i have the Love of God in my heart. So that has and will sustain me in the end. So I am wealthy and I am the rich man. Carl

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Psalms 75:7

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