Psalms 67:7
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7  May the earth yield its produce; may Hashem, our God, bless us.

E-retz na-t’-NAH y’-vu-LAH y’-va-r’-KHAY-nu e-lo-HEEM e-lo-HAY-nu

ז  אֶרֶץ נָתְנָה יְבוּלָהּ יְבָרְכֵנוּ אֱלֹהִים אֱלֹהֵינוּ׃

67:7   May the earth yield its produce

The amount of produce that the land of Israel gives is a direct response to the behavior of its inhabitants. Hashem makes this point very clear throughout the Bible, specifically in Sefer Devarim (11:13-15), in which He links the concept of reward and punishment with the successful produce of the land. If the children of God veer from His path and reject Him for idolatry, Divine anger will arise and the land will not give its produce. This reaction is actually a blessing, since the inhabitants of Eretz Yisrael are thereby granted a barometer for their spiritual behavior. If there is famine and drought, they know that Hashem is angry, and they must inspect their actions. If there is plenty, God is happy with His nation and it is appropriate to sing praises to the Lord for His wonderful bounty.

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  • While the direct purpose is reward and punishment it goes beyond that concept even though it is still a basic concept of God's teaching lessons with the people, the Children of Israel. This has been shown in many ways throughout the History of Israel .
    In this particular case through its food production in the land. If the Population Verde from the word of God they would suffer with less crops. They would at times practice idolatry, a great slap in the face to God indeed, period! You talk about divine anger and rightfully so. Yet there were those times when the Children of God flourished hen they followed the Laws of God. Respected the Word. Israel was the barometer for their spiritual behavior. They had no question as to right and wrong, they knew right from wrong. They had the only one true God. The only Living God. Who at this time was physically present with them in Cloud & Fire. How blessed they truly were indeed!

    While it was natural to sing praises to God in time of plenty and all prosperity. One must also seek out God in darkest of times and times of not so prosperous times. Seek him out harder and ask for forgiveness. instead of running to hide in shame which seems to be a natural thing to do. Seek his face, eyes lowered, but eek him out and sing in rejoice that he will never forsake you. Carl

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Psalms 67:7

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