Psalms 66:6
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6  He turned the sea into dry land; they crossed the river on foot; we therefore rejoice in Him.

ha-FAKH YAM l’-ya-ba-SHAH ba-na-HAR ya-av-RU v’-RA-gel SHAM nis-m’-khah BO

ו  הָפַךְ יָם לְיַבָּשָׁה בַּנָּהָר יַעַבְרוּ בְרָגֶל שָׁם נִשְׂמְחָה־בּוֹ׃

66:6   Turned the sea into dry land

The amount of produce that the Land of Israel gives is a direct response to the behavior of its inhabitants. Hashem makes this point very clear throughout the Bible, specifically in Sefer Devarim (11:13-15), in which He links the concept of reward and punishment with the successful produce of the land. If the children of God veer from His path and reject Him for idolatry, divine anger will arise and the land will not give its produce. This reaction is actually a blessing, since the inhabitants of Eretz Yisrael are thereby granted a barometer for their spiritual behavior. If there is famine and drought, they know that Hashem is angry, and they must inspect their actions. If there is plenty, God is happy with His nation and it is appropriate to sing praises to the Lord for His wonderful bounty.

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  • I love Moses, he was always so obedient. That's why GOD was so trusting of him and used him so much.Moses and David the friends of GOD. How can we join in that number? ? ? ?

  • David sings and rejoices of the wonders of God through all the generations of the Jewish peoples. There are brought two miracles relating to water. He had turned the sea into dry land when Moses led the people of Israel, one day to be the nation of Israel through the Red Sea. The yet another when crossing the river Jordan. Where the very waters did stand still. to allow the children of God to transverse . These two Children of Israel combine serve to remind them that God always has a duel purpose in mind for His people. I have been noticing that through my studies all these years. It was mentioned that God had a duel mission for mosses one to lead His children out of Egypt & Bring them out of bondage. David realizes in his heart just how much God does love the Children of Israel. He Praise The God he loves and the people the children of God praise him for they see his miracles, remember the crossing of the red sea, see in David's face his love for God and David's continual praise. All these things remind them of God's love for the children of Israel. Carl

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Psalms 66:6

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