Psalms 65:11
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11  Saturating its furrows, leveling its ridges, You soften it with showers, You bless its growth.

t’-la-ME-ha ra-VAY na-KHAYT g’-du-DE-ha bir-vee-VEEM t’-mo-g’-GE-nah tzim-KHAH t’-va-RAYKH

יא  תְּלָמֶיהָ רַוֵּה נַחֵת גְּדוּדֶיהָ בִּרְבִיבִים תְּמֹגְגֶנָּה צִמְחָהּ תְּבָרֵךְ׃

 65:11   You soften it with showers

Ariel view of Kibbutz Revivim

This psalm offers blessings of gratitude to Hashem for abundant rains. It was sung in the Beit Hamikdash after especially rainy seasons, which were always viewed as a direct sign of God’s beneficence. The word revivim (רביבים), ‘showers,’ refers to abundant rains, and was used by early Zionists as the name of a new settlement founded in the Negev desert in 1943. As the British were limiting immigration and new settlements on the land, the early Zionists built lookout points which would later become full-fledged settlements. These settlements were the beginning of habitation in the Negev, the desert region in southern Israel, and initiated the settling of the arid desert area of the Land of Israel. The name Revivim was chosen as a sign of their readiness to contend with the most formidable aspect of desert living: scarcity of water. They hearkened back to Tehillim, hoping for Hashem’s bountiful rains to strengthen their presence in the land.

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  • Rain in the desert. Indeed this was a great and wonderful blessing. As said it was sung in the Temple after abundant rains. To thank God for His abundant blessings. Somehow I know in my heart the farmers did it before while standing in there fields as it had been raining thanking the living God of Israel for His Wondrous Blessings.

    As the British were limiting immigration. This bothers me. I get so mad at all the powers that be that felt that they had to control Israel. However this being said it was the British that documented the Holocaust camps in Germany and Poland and so on. The British did a considerate and sincere job with the documentation. They carried for the survivors and promised to let the world not to forget what they say and learned. The Americans and the British Tried the war criminals and the German people in Neuenberg Germany and exposed the horror to the entire world. yet today evil has raised it anti-truth, anti-Semitic trash talk once again. I ate the hate of the Jewish people. God Bless Israel and every Jewish Soul past, present, and yet to be born.

    the early Zionists built lookout points to watch over the new settled lands. These lands were there promised lands given to them from there Living God. They would not give them up without a fight. After all they knew in there heart God was with them, always.

    The Jewish people were to reclaim the desert. foot by foot with the help of God this miracle could and would be accomplished through the life giving generating force of rain and the power of the intelligence of the Jewish mind to create a state of the art irrigation system to reclaim the desert. Seems like a lot of wondrous imaginative creation come out of Israel in the fields of Health, Science, Engineering these days. Could be something to this God loving His Chosen people thing?

    The Jews are in Israel to stay my friends. it is a do or die situation. The people of Israel will never give up there home, there land that God has promised them, given to them. Ever again. They are coming home from all over the planet Earth. The Diaspora is now over. Israel has formally called its people to come home. I am not Jewish yet I want to call Israel home. I feel the calling also. Perhaps by some wonderful family bloodline since my family heritage is from Poland & Italy there may have been a blessing of Jewish Blood and DNA mingling inside of me. it is my hope and dream. i do not understand why. Only my Father God knows.

    May God Bless Israel in all ways from top to bottom , side to side and all around. Bless Her air space as well as her below space and let her enemies never abound. I pray this in my prayers for Israel, She is in my thoughts and my dreams. I pray for every Jewish soul in and out of Israel on planet Earth perhaps even someday on the moon or Mars.

    I pray that every person that is not Jewish but that has been born with a Jewish soul and heart may have a special Blessing from God and to be able to understand as one can being a non-Jew can possibly understand how strong one must be to bare such a great responsibility to carry on and teach, protect even under death the Word of the living God. To teach the children of Israel to understand there great responsibility thy have to remember there legacy as well as to pass on the Word of God to a world in such desperate need to know just how much God loves all the children of the Earth. Carl


Psalms 65:11

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