Psalms 64:4
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4  who whet their tongues like swords; they aim their arrows—cruel words—

a-SHER sha-n’-NU kha-KHE-rev l’-sho-NAM da-r’-KHU khi-TZAM da-VAR MAR

ד  אֲשֶׁר שָׁנְנוּ כַחֶרֶב לְשׁוֹנָם דָּרְכוּ חִצָּם דָּבָר מָר׃

64:4   Cruel words

King David’s enemies attack him in different ways; sometimes physically, sometimes verbally. From this psalm it appears that the verbal assaults affected him more than any other. When David is defamed and maligned, he lashes out using a metaphor of swords and arrows. David is no stranger to battle. The throngs of voices singing “Shaul hath slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands” (I Samuel 21:12) attest to his prowess with the sword, the sling and the arrow. And yet, in his time of darkness when all his friends and confidants have disappeared, the arrow of his enemies is filled with poisoned words, slicing through his armor and penetrating his soul.

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  • As said King Davids enemies attack him in many ways. he has grown strong and has dealt with the many physical arrows of pain that Saul and his warriors have inflicted on his body. However when Soul inflects wounds upon Davids head with words and wounds his heart and soul, well that gives wounds that are so much more deeper than flesh wounds could ever be to David.

    There has come this time when David realizes he is quite alone. David see's that there are no friends nor family around him. he feels that he has lost every one. There is no one at his side with sword in hand nor word of encouragement to bolster him up with great guile to make his spirit ready to fight.

    The arrows of his enemies are filled with the poison of words of self doubt and loathing. Sometimes words can do so much damage and destroy ones very soul if you let them get in and destroy your faith. David must not let them in. David must remain strong at this point. But will David's Love and strength in God prevail? We will see. To be continued…..

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Psalms 64:4

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