Psalms 58:10
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10  Before the thorns grow into a bramble, may He whirl them away alive in fury.

b’-TE-rem ya-VEE-nu see-ro-tay-KHEM a-TAD k’-mo KHAI k’-MO kha-RON yis-a-RE-nu

י  בְּטֶרֶם יָבִינוּ סִּירֹתֵיכֶם אָטָד כְּמוֹ־חַי כְּמוֹ־חָרוֹן יִשְׂעָרֶנּוּ׃

 58:10   Before the thorns grow into a bramble

A boxthron shrub by Nitzana stream

Throughout his psalms, David struggles with the reality that righteous people sometimes suffer while the wicked thrive. Psalm 58 is directed at the wicked, chastising them for their corruption and deceit. He warns that Hashem will bring retribution upon them for their sins, and he invokes several metaphors from nature to express his sentiment. The atad (אטד), ‘boxthorn tree,’ grows in the desert and is quite thorny. It seems to defy nature, as it is strong and durable despite growing in unfavorable conditions. The wicked might prick like the boxthorn and seem invincible, but David tells them that before they mature into a large, strong bramble, God will hurl them away and destroy them.

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  • David is having much trouble understanding why the evil in this world always seem to succeed while the good and well meaning seem to fail and barely make it buy in his understanding. He struggles with this and asks God why? Psalm 58 is directed almost yelling at the wicked and calling them out for there corruption and evilness. He warns them that God will surely get them for there sins and they better watch out that there is a price that they will indeed have to pay. Through the metaphor of the Box-thorn he warns them that God will punish them .God with take them away and destroy them. There ultiment fate is in God's hands. carl


Psalms 58:10

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