Psalms 55:8
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8  surely, I would flee far off; I would lodge in the wilderness; Selah

hi-NAY ar-KHEEK n’-DOD a-LEEN ba-mid-BAR SE-lah

ח  הִנֵּה אַרְחִיק נְדֹד אָלִין בַּמִּדְבָּר סֶלָה׃

 55:8   Lodge in the wilderness

A man hikes along a trail in the Ein Gedi desert.

In times of great danger, David yearns to escape to the wilderness. At the end of Shmuel I chapter 23, having almost met his demise at the hands of Shaul, David flees to a fortresses in the hills above Ein Gedi, located in the Judean desert. The desert is a place of solitude and shelter. Shaul will have great difficulty finding David among the cliffs and caves of the Judean desert. Five hundred years later, Yirmiyahu yearns for a respite from rebuking the Nation of Israel in Yerushalayim and he also desires to escape to the desert (Jeremiah 9:1). Over a thousand years later, Simon Bar Kokhba flees to the same mountains, and from there he plans his rebellion against the Roman regime controlling the Land of Israel. In ancient times, the wilderness was a place in which to disappear. Today, as a result of Hashem’s blessings, it is filled with life.

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    • Scott Perry

      Everyone needs deserves a place of peace and solitude to reflect, rest, and plan their next move

  • Carl Coglianese

    David yearns to escape into the desert were he finds a place a safety to think, rethink and make plans to figure out his next move. A place of peace and safety for the time being to regroup, even if it is to regroup only in his own mind. Perhaps to regroup in his faith with God? In the days of ancient times as noted the desert was a place to hide in, to escape. perhaps it never really was. it was a place to refresh, re-plan, regroup, grow until strong once again. Now today, look at what has happened in the desert, it has turned green with the blessings of God. it now feeds Israels peoples. Sustains homes, farms. a nation. All miracles of the Living God of Israel, NO! Carl

  • Phyllis Pearson

    Ummm! David flees to the dessert, and often in the dessert there are those oasis' and restoration both in body and spirit can be found. I attend a church called Elim, and like the Elim in Exodus 15 v 27 was a place of rest, after being refreshed, so too is our Elim. people come, not to stay but they seem to just know that they will find a welcome and be restored.

Psalms 55:8

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