Psalms 51:2
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2  when Natan the Navi came to him after he had come to Batsheva.

b’-VO ay-LAV na-TAN ha-na-VEE ka-a-sher BA el bat SHA-va

ב  בְּבוֹא־אֵלָיו נָתָן הַנָּבִיא כַּאֲשֶׁר־בָּא אֶל־בַּת־שָׁבַע׃

51:2   Batsheva

King David teaches us about man’s vulnerability and his desires, as well as his ability to soar to the heavens and redeem his sins through repentance. While sin is hidden, repentance, in the eyes of David, must not be clandestine; it should be public. When David is confronted by the prophet Natan with rebuke (II Samuel 12), he responds with a single word: Chatati (חטאתי), ‘I have sinned.’ Psalm 51, however, is his public response. It begins with a glaring title with which David indicts himself right from the start: Natan the prophet came to me after I had gone in to Batsheva (verse 2). In verse 5, he declares that his sin is always with him while he begs the Lord to cleanse him of his iniquity. David is not satisfied with his own personal repentance but he declares that he will teach others the path towards repentance and atonement as well (verse 15). Though he erred, because of his commitment to return and to bring others closer to Hashem, we continue to herald King David as the greatest king of Israel.

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  • Man was man and thus a prisoner to his very desires, yet he could sore to the heavens and be capable of so much more. Only when he became redeemed from his sins. Through repentance of them through God's forgiveness. David sometimes forgets that he too can sin and when he is face to face with the profit Nathan , and the truth be told. Well David finds he must beg God for forgiveness and admits that he has bitterly sinned greatly. As part of Davids repentance he also teaches others the important of not sinning and in becoming so much closer to god and building stronger relationships with god throughout there lives. Carl

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Psalms 51:2

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