Psalms 49:18
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18  for when he dies he can take none of it along; his goods cannot follow him down.

KEE LO b’-mo-TO yi-KAKH ha-KOL lo yay-RAYD a-kha-RAV k’-vo-DO

יח  כִּי לֹא בְמוֹתוֹ יִקַּח הַכֹּל לֹא־יֵרֵד אַחֲרָיו כְּבוֹדוֹ׃

49:18   His goods cannot follow him down

The Bible relates that after Shlomo becomes king of Israel, he has a dream. In his dream, Hashem appears and offers to grant him one wish. Instead of requesting wealth or long life, Shlomo humbly asks for wisdom so that he can properly judge the people. God is pleased with his decision, and rewards him not only with wisdom, but with wealth and honor as well. Upon waking the next morning, he comes to Yerushalayim and offers sacrifices, expressing his gratitude to the Lord (I Kings 3:5-14). In making his request, Shlomo demonstrates that he understands the message of this verse: Those things that most people chase, wealth and fortune, are the most fleeting.

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  • 49:18 His wealth shall not descend after him
    God would often talk to his chosen in there dreams. This is how he talked to Solomon, before he became King. in this dream he told him he could have on wish. most would have chosen wealth, power but Solomon choose wisdom on how to be a judge among men and the use of wisdom and the right way, godly way to use that judgement. God upon hearing this was very pleased. He not only gave Solomon this gift but the others also. The very next mourning Solomon went to Jerusalem and made sacrifice at the Temple to thank and honor God. Solomon understood that riches and power and that all that glitters is at best is fleeting and then gone. He knew in his heart and soul that God was forever and that the wisdom and knowledge of God would last with him for ever. That he could take with him. Carl

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Psalms 49:18

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