Psalms 38:14
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14  But I am like a deaf man, unhearing, like a dumb man who cannot speak up;

va-a-NEE kh’-khay-RAYSH LO esh-MA ukh-ee-LAYM LO yif-takh PEEV

יד  וַאֲנִי כְחֵרֵשׁ לֹא אֶשְׁמָע וּכְאִלֵּם לֹא יִפְתַּח־פִּיו׃

 38:14   Like a dumb man who cannot speak up

Psalm 38 is difficult to read, as it is almost entirely an expression of pain written by an individual who is suffering, physically and spiritually. While his bones have no peace and his sins are too much to bear, his friends stand afar, unable or unwilling to help, and his enemies seek to hurt him. His response is: I am deaf and mute. I pretend not to hear their taunts nor do I respond to their calls of malice and deceit. Instead, he calls out only to the Lord for salvation and deliverance. In the thirteenth century, Rabbi Menachem Meiri wrote that this psalm refers to the Jews in exile. He commented profoundly: “The psalm refers to our long exile in which our enemies are many and our nemeses ridicule us and sit in their serenity. We are hated and have no recourse but we pray that our salvation and redemption will come soon. Amen.” Eight centuries later, the redemption has begun and the Jewish people are no longer mute.

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  • Your commentary was very beautiful. I agree with every thing you said about Israel.

  • I am in chronic pain. Not only in body and bone but in my heart and my spirit. I cry out Lord. I scream out in pin from both soul and body, yet it is like I am mute and deaf . Why does no one hear or see, or feel the pain that i am feeling oh Lord? David is in such turmoil and in such deep depression. It was said that David was in reflection living the history of what the Jewish people had lived through most of there history as a people. How they were discarded, taunted, used and often thrown away. Why were the Jews always being placed in exile? Every time they were settled into a new place, they were up rooted, torn away made to move. Why were they just not left alone, what had they done that was so wrong? Made them so ridiculed? I do not for the life of me understand this. I just do not see what the problem could have been for the life of me. In the time of Pharo, the Jews cried out for salvation and redemption. Through there history of strive and Diaspora they called upon the Lord time and time again for a Home .Why are we so hated they would cry to the Lord.
    The answer was always there. They are the Chosen of the Lord, therefor the world hates them and always will. carl

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Psalms 38:14

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