Psalms 25
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Listen to this chapter in Hebrew:

1  [A Psalm] of David. Unto Thee, O Hashem, do I lift up my soul.

א  לְדָוִד אֵלֶיךָ יְהוָה נַפְשִׁי אֶשָּׂא.

2  O my God, in Thee have I trusted, let me not be ashamed; let not mine enemies triumph over me.

ב  אֱלֹהַי בְּךָ בָטַחְתִּי אַל אֵבוֹשָׁה אַל יַעַלְצוּ אוֹיְבַי לִי.

3  Yea, none that wait for Thee shall be ashamed; they shall be ashamed that deal treacherously without cause.

ג  גַּם כָּל קֹוֶיךָ לֹא יֵבֹשׁוּ יֵבֹשׁוּ הַבּוֹגְדִים רֵיקָם.

4  Show me Thy ways, O Hashem; teach me Thy paths.

ד  דְּרָכֶיךָ יְהוָה הוֹדִיעֵנִי אֹרְחוֹתֶיךָ לַמְּדֵנִי.

5  Guide me in Thy truth, and teach me; for Thou art the God of my salvation; for Thee do I wait all the day.

had-ree-KHAY-nee va-a-mi-TE-kha v’-la-m’-DAY-nee kee a-TAH e-lo-HAY yish-EE o-t’-KHA ki-VEE-ti kol ha-YOM

ה  הַדְרִיכֵנִי בַאֲמִתֶּךָ וְלַמְּדֵנִי כִּי אַתָּה אֱלֹהֵי יִשְׁעִי אוֹתְךָ קִוִּיתִי כָּל הַיּוֹם.

25:5   Thou art the God of my salvation

This psalm is an acrostic, describing and praising the one who fears God. Together with a statement of faith, it contains is a desire to know God’s ways, a plea for compassion, a confession of sins, and a request for deliverance from enemies and salvation for all Israel. When the State of Israel was newly established and new settlements were emerging, a group of Yemenite Jews came to the lowlands near Bet Shemesh in 1950 and desired to set up an agricultural settlement. They named it ‘Yishi,’ meaning God is my salvation. Today, the Yemenite community still works the land and recites the psalms daily, continuously hoping for the complete salvation.


6  Remember, O Hashem, Thy compassions and Thy mercies; for they have been from of old.

ו  זְכֹר רַחֲמֶיךָ יְהוָה וַחֲסָדֶיךָ כִּי מֵעוֹלָם הֵמָּה.

7  Remember not the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions; according to Thy mercy remember Thou me, for Thy goodness’ sake, O Hashem.

ז  חַטֹּאות נְעוּרַי וּפְשָׁעַי אַל תִּזְכֹּר כְּחַסְדְּךָ זְכָר לִי אַתָּה לְמַעַן טוּבְךָ יְהוָה.

8  Good and upright is Hashem; therefore doth He instruct sinners in the way.

ח  טוֹב וְיָשָׁר יְהוָה עַל כֵּן יוֹרֶה חַטָּאִים בַּדָּרֶךְ.

9  He guideth the humble in justice; and He teacheth the humble His way.

ט  יַדְרֵךְ עֲנָוִים בַּמִּשְׁפָּט וִילַמֵּד עֲנָוִים דַּרְכּוֹ.

10  All the paths of Hashem are mercy and truth unto such as keep His covenant and His testimonies.

י  כָּל אָרְחוֹת יְהוָה חֶסֶד וֶאֱמֶת לְנֹצְרֵי בְרִיתוֹ וְעֵדֹתָיו.

11  For Thy name’s sake, O Hashem, pardon mine iniquity, for it is great.

יא  לְמַעַן שִׁמְךָ יְהוָה וְסָלַחְתָּ לַעֲו‍ֹנִי כִּי רַב הוּא.

12  What man is he that feareth Hashem? Him will He instruct in the way that he should choose.

יב  מִי זֶה הָאִישׁ יְרֵא יְהוָה יוֹרֶנּוּ בְּדֶרֶךְ יִבְחָר.

13  His soul shall abide in prosperity; and his seed shall inherit the land.

יג  נַפְשׁוֹ בְּטוֹב תָּלִין וְזַרְעוֹ יִירַשׁ אָרֶץ.

14  The counsel of Hashem is with them that fear Him; and His covenant, to make them know it.

יד  סוֹד יְהוָה לִירֵאָיו וּבְרִיתוֹ לְהוֹדִיעָם.

15  Mine eyes are ever toward Hashem; for He will bring forth my feet out of the net.

טו  עֵינַי תָּמִיד אֶל יְהוָה כִּי הוּא יוֹצִיא מֵרֶשֶׁת רַגְלָי.

16  Turn Thee unto me, and be gracious unto me; for I am solitary and afflicted.

טז  פְּנֵה אֵלַי וְחָנֵּנִי כִּי יָחִיד וְעָנִי אָנִי.

17  The troubles of my heart are enlarged; O bring Thou me out of my distresses.

יז  צָרוֹת לְבָבִי הִרְחִיבוּ מִמְּצוּקוֹתַי הוֹצִיאֵנִי.

18  See mine affliction and my travail; and forgive all my sins.

יח  רְאֵה עָנְיִי וַעֲמָלִי וְשָׂא לְכָל חַטֹּאותָי.

19  Consider how many are mine enemies, and the cruel hatred wherewith they hate me.

יט  רְאֵה אֹיְבַי כִּי רָבּוּ וְשִׂנְאַת חָמָס שְׂנֵאוּנִי.

20  O keep my soul, and deliver me; let me not be ashamed, for I have taken refuge in Thee.

כ  שָׁמְרָה נַפְשִׁי וְהַצִּילֵנִי אַל אֵבוֹשׁ כִּי חָסִיתִי בָךְ.

21  Let integrity and uprightness preserve me, because I wait for Thee.

כא  תֹּם וָיֹשֶׁר יִצְּרוּנִי כִּי קִוִּיתִיךָ.

22  Redeem Israel, O God, out of all his troubles.

כב  פְּדֵה אֱלֹהִים אֶת יִשְׂרָאֵל מִכֹּל צָרוֹתָיו.

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Psalms 25