Psalms 18:8
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8  Then the earth rocked and quaked; the foundations of the mountains shook, rocked by His indignation;

va-tig-ASH va-tir-ASH ha-A-retz u-mo-s’-DAY ha-REEM yir-GA-zu va-yit-ga-a-SHU kee KHA-rah LO

ח  וַתִּגְעַשׁ וַתִּרְעַשׁ הָאָרֶץ וּמוֹסְדֵי הָרִים יִרְגָּזוּ וַיִּתְגָּעֲשׁוּ כִּי־חָרָה לוֹ׃

 18:8   Then the earth rocked and quaked

The Dead Sea

David sings a song of gratitude to Hashem after defeating his enemies. Sometimes God’s support appears in the form of a “a soft murmuring sound” (I Kings 19:12); other times it “rocked and quaked” the very foundations of the world. In Israel over the centuries there have been many quakes which shook the earth. The Dead Sea, for example, is a result of a cataclysmic rift in the earth’s crust, a result of the tectonic plates shifting under the surface. This shift produced mountain ranges and volcanoes in the Golan Heights, as well as deep fissures, one of which is filled with the deepest hypersaline lake in the world.

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  • God is my rock. God is indeed my fortress, he has become my very salvation. The very power of his shadow covers me and i am truly safe from my enemies. I hear the voice of God often in my prayers to him. That small voice that can and does shake mountains and yes can shake and roll this earth by a mere word. Way to often when we pray to God we pray for things, for favors. We pray for people, for health and the like. However we often forget in our prayers just to remember to Thank our Father and Creator God. Thank God for his Creation, the gift of our very life's, our families. then as in David's case the defeat of his enemies. For the defeat of Israels enemies. Oh how much David loved God. Oh how much God loved David . Carl

  • yes I believe God has made Israel defences, mountains and deep gorges to keep out Israels enemies.
    I served in virt nam and my first day in the field we were attacked. Second day we were ambushed and me being new to combat layed in a hollow in the ground. I was not a cowsrd and served honorably but one can not be trained to be shot at or to train you to see your buddies killed. I lsyed there in that depression and pulled out my Bible that was given me before i left the uS. It opened to the last page where it said accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. I prayed to God, to Jesus and accepted Him and asked that he get me through this terable period in my life.
    God did get me through vn without alot of blood loss. I should have asked for my buddies too because 217 of them did not make it. I wont go into too much but two of my freinds died in my arms and i hsd to put more than a few in bags. I was wrong just praying for myself.
    I do know God helped me and got me back safe only to be attacked at la x and on the military base where i was attacked, spit on, rocks thrown and woords. I finally got to buffalo and no one showed up. I took a bus to jamestown where no one shoeed up. I walked the 15 miles to where my wife was staying, no one home. Everyone knew i was coming. My unit sent a letter explaining what to do how to treat uss after our expierience in the nam. I found out my wife had an affair, we hadnt as of yet cosimated our marrage vows, she refused and on r and r in hawii said she would have me arrested for rape if i touched her.
    My family, mom, step dad everyone except an uncle a koreacombat veteran disowned me. My wifes family, all disowned me. All my childhood school freinds disowened me. They about 17 of them surounded me and pushed and hit me until i got away. I didnt want to hurt them.
    All through the years, 49 , of them i have beeb harassed by people. At least 6 times over the years. Lsst yesr was the lsst time. Its always the same, "your nothing but a drugged up baby killing vn vet".
    I have never taken illeagle drugs or do i very seldom drink. Maybe a half of beer here abd there. I havent had one in yesrs.
    I guess what im saying is i was selfish oraying only for myself. Many have suffered because of this. I truly am sorry for my selfishness.
    I still love God, Israel and her people. It is your inspiration, your God, my God who keeps me going. I really dont know why im here. I just hope God has a reason other than punishment for my selfishness back in 68. I am not trying to test God. If it werent for Him i would surley be dead but i am hoping thst i can do some good for God. He has been good to me.
    I really wish that i had known about the IDF because they are a good cause. They keep Israel safe and they actually fight for right. If i had known back in 69 or even later than a couple of years ago i would have joined in their fight for Israels safety.
    I apolagize. I have gone on here but for some reason since i have founf Israel365 i have been reading Moses first five books and have signed up for study of psalms. Thank you for the chance to do good for God for Israel and her people. I would love to move to Israel and help her in any way that is neede. That is my prayer now. You have given me purpose in life and i hope i can repay you soon.


Psalms 18:8

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