Psalms 16:6
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6  Delightful country has fallen to my lot; lovely indeed is my estate.

kha-va-LEEM na-f’-lu LEE ba-n’-i-MEEM af na-kha-LAT sha-f’-RAH a-LAI

ו  חֲבָלִים נָפְלוּ־לִי בַּנְּעִמִים אַף־נַחֲלָת שָׁפְרָה עָלָי׃

16:6   Delightful country has fallen to my lot; lovely indeed is my estate

The Land of Israel is divided into portions, one for each tribe. In Bamidbar (26:52-56), the Bible delineates the process by which each tribe was awarded its specific inheritance. On the one hand, the leaders of the nation are commanded to apportion the land with careful attention paid to ensure that each receives an appropriate inheritance: “With larger groups, increase the share; with smaller groups, reduce the share.” In addition, some tribes were seafarers, while others were vintners; some were mountain people and others preferred the planes, and the land was divided accordingly. On the other hand, though, the Torah tells us that a special divine lottery would be held to determine the inheritance of each tribe: “Each portion shall be assigned by lot, whether for larger or smaller groups.” This apparent contradiction contains a message to the tribes of Israel. On the one hand, conquering and colonizing the land is dependent on the effort and involvement of each individual. On the other hand, they must always be aware of the divine element in settling Eretz Yisrael.

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  • PS. I am so disjointed with the UN these days. The way they treat the Nation of Israel and it's Leaders is just shameful. And how dare they tell her to divide herself into two separate states. Do not they realize that God will never allow Israel to be divide ever again. Just shameful. Carl

  • The fact that the people of Israel were the chosen peoples was the most important of all riches of this Earth. The fact that they belonged to The One True Living God was the most all important generational all encumber- sing all time greatest thing ever. This one thing above all others was the prime consideration. Then came the division of other Blessings due to there different community participation's. All being combined to make Israel a great and most unique nation upon this Earth. After all they knew through the promise to Abraham that they would one day grow into a great nation that would be as the stares in the heavens and as the grains of sands on the beach. This being said the individuals effort was very important to the survival of the individual tribe and each tribe survival ti the survival of the Nation of Israel. Israels survival due to there following the Law of God by following the Covenant between God and Man. The more each Tribe contributed the more that Tribe received in it's inheritance. God knows hard work and the love of God's people makes Israel strong and Israel will grow as well as prosper. I love God so much. He is indeed a wonderful and loving Father indeed. Carrl

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Psalms 16:6

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