Psalms 16
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Listen to this chapter in Hebrew:

1  Michtam of David. Keep me, O God; for I have taken refuge in Thee.

א  מִכְתָּם לְדָוִד שָׁמְרֵנִי אֵל כִּי חָסִיתִי בָךְ.

2  I have said unto Hashem: ‘Thou art my Lord; I have no good but in Thee’;

ב  אָמַרְתְּ לַיהוָה אֲדֹנָי אָתָּה טוֹבָתִי בַּל עָלֶיךָ.

3  As for the holy that are in the earth, they are the excellent in whom is all my delight.

ג  לִקְדוֹשִׁים אֲשֶׁר בָּאָרֶץ הֵמָּה וְאַדִּירֵי כָּל חֶפְצִי בָם.

4  Let the idols of them be multiplied that make suit unto another; their drink-offerings of blood will I not offer, nor take their names upon my lips.

ד  יִרְבּוּ עַצְּבוֹתָם אַחֵר מָהָרוּ בַּל אַסִּיךְ נִסְכֵּיהֶם מִדָּם וּבַל אֶשָּׂא אֶת שְׁמוֹתָם עַל שְׂפָתָי.

5  O Hashem, the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup, Thou maintainest my lot.

ה  יְהוָה מְנָת חֶלְקִי וְכוֹסִי אַתָּה תּוֹמִיךְ גּוֹרָלִי.

6  The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.

kha-va-LEEM na-f’-LU lee ba-n’-i-MEEM af na-kha-LAT sha-f’-RAH a-LAI

ו  חֲבָלִים נָפְלוּ לִי בַּנְּעִמִים אַף נַחֲלָת שָׁפְרָה עָלָי.

16:6   The lines are fallen unto me… I have a goodly heritage

The Land of Israel is divided into portions, one for each tribe. In Numbers 26:52-56, the Bible delineates the process by which each tribe was awarded their specific inheritance. On the one hand, it followed a rational allotment, “to the more thou shalt give the more inheritance, and to the fewer thou shalt give the less inheritance.” In addition, some tribes were seafaring, while others vintners; some mountain people, others preferred the planes, and the land was divided accordingly. On the other hand, the Torah tells us that a special divine lottery would be held: “according to the lot shall their inheritance be divided between the more and the fewer.” This seeming contradiction contains a message to the tribes of Israel. On the one hand, conquering the land and colonizing it is dependent on the effort and involvement of each individual. On the other hand, they must always be aware of the divine element in settling the Land of Israel.


7  I will bless Hashem, who hath given me counsel; yea, in the night seasons my reins instruct me.

ז  אֲבָרֵךְ אֶת יְהוָה אֲשֶׁר יְעָצָנִי אַף לֵילוֹת יִסְּרוּנִי כִלְיוֹתָי.

8  I have set Hashem always before me; surely He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

ח  שִׁוִּיתִי יְהוָה לְנֶגְדִּי תָמִיד כִּי מִימִינִי בַּל אֶמּוֹט.

9  Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth; my flesh also dwelleth in safety;

ט  לָכֵן שָׂמַח לִבִּי וַיָּגֶל כְּבוֹדִי אַף בְּשָׂרִי יִשְׁכֹּן לָבֶטַח.

10  For Thou wilt not abandon my soul to the nether-world; neither wilt Thou suffer Thy godly one to see the pit.

י  כִּי לֹא תַעֲזֹב נַפְשִׁי לִשְׁאוֹל לֹא תִתֵּן חֲסִידְךָ לִרְאוֹת שָׁחַת.

11  Thou makest me to know the path of life; in Thy presence is fulness of joy, in Thy right hand bliss for evermore.

יא  תּוֹדִיעֵנִי אֹרַח חַיִּים שֹׂבַע שְׂמָחוֹת אֶת פָּנֶיךָ נְעִמוֹת בִּימִינְךָ נֶצַח.

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