Psalms 15:2
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2  He who lives without blame, who does what is right, and in his heart acknowledges the truth;

ho-LAYKH ta-MEEM u-fo-AYL TZE-dek v’-do-VAYR e-MET bil-va-VO

ב  הוֹלֵךְ תָּמִים וּפֹעֵל צֶדֶק וְדֹבֵר אֱמֶת בִּלְבָבוֹ׃

 15:2   And in his heart acknowledges the truth

This verse teaches that one who does what is right and ‘acknowledges the truth,’ do-vayr emet (דבר אמת), will merit to dwell with the Lord. The words doveir emet literally mean ‘speak the truth,’ and according to Radak, imply that it is not enough to think or know the truth; one must also speak about it and spread it. Finding the truth in a world of falsehood is a constant challenge. Especially with regard to Israel today, an abundance of lies and misinformation is constantly being spread. It is therefore important to learn effective tools for speaking up on Israel’s behalf and countering false and unfair claims commonly made against Israel. Spreading the truth about Israel will bring the world closer to peace and closer to Hashem.

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  • Happy Easter Everyone! Praise the risen Savior, The Messiah is coming to reign in Jeruslem Forever More!

  • To do what is right and speak the truth. I agree with that whole hardheartedly. Especially when it comes to the truth concerning everything right & just about Israel and her people. The truth about the God of Israel. The one and only Living God of all the gods of the Earth. The One True God Period. I have discovered even if you only think of God only in logical terms, you can be blown away in how logical he is on this basis alone. Nevertheless being God the Creator of everything and a Loving Father besides. How truly wonderful is that period. Yet the world refuses to recognize him. Yet the world fails to recognize the Jewish nation and continues to persecute and dis-involve them. The world spreads lie upon lie about them, all through history about them. We must do what is right in these days of the third temple. let our hearts speak the truth and reach out to the world in the truth about Israel. Teach the world of the One True God. Carl

    • Carl that is so well put. Truth today in a world full of falsehood and deception. Speaking out for Isreal is a must for Jews and Christians. Teaching the world of the One True God, living the word and opening our hearts. Thank you for such a beautiful comment.

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Psalms 15:2

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