Psalms 144:15
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15  Happy the people who have it so; happy the people whose God is Hashem.

ash-RAY ha-AM she-KA-khah LO ash-RAY ha-AM she-a-do-NAI e-lo-HAV

טו  אַשְׁרֵי הָעָם שֶׁכָּכָה לּוֹ אַשְׁרֵי הָעָם שֶׁיֲהוָה אֱלֹהָיו׃

144:15   Happy the people who have it so

The last five psalms of Sefer Tehillim represent a special unit of praise to Hashem, which some see a microcosm of all the psalms. If that is true, then Psalm 144, which immediately precedes the final summary unit, serves as a conclusion of sorts. The ending of this psalm forms a valuable and oft-used poetic tool called “inclusio,” referring to the use at the conclusion of a song, chapter or book of the very same words with which it started. Psalm 1 began with the Hebrew word ashrei, ‘happy,’ and this psalm concludes with a verse beginning with the same word, ashrei. The inaugural psalm praises the individual who veers from the wicked path and finds solace in God’s word. This psalm praises the nation who, having internalized the messages taught by David, conquers its land, establishes a just society and radiates Hashem’s spirit to the world. How fortunate is the reader of psalms, who traverses from the praise of the individual to the praise of the entire Nation of Israel as he progresses through Sefer Tehillim.

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  • 144:15 Happy is the people that is in such a case

    We had veered from the wickedness of our paths and we sang the songs of our happiness and joys of your praises. We found peace and safety in your Word and Laws. Salvation was ours from with in you our Lord thy God. From Abraham and the promise of a Nation great than the stars in all the heavens. From finding Salvation from sin through the Living Word of God. From building a Nation of God's Chosen People upon this Earth to preserve the Word of God and to be a Shining Beacon upon a Hill for all the world to see as a Witness to all Creation. That The God of Israel is the One and Only True Living God Period. The nation of Israel is a Just Society in an unjust world right now. The world and the evil powers and principalities that be cannot and will not except this. However, Our Mighty God will not let the world destroy Israel under any circumstance. Regardless of what evilness comes its way. The Hand of God will always prevail against them. May God Bless Israel forever and always, Amen. Carl

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Psalms 144:15

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