Psalms 140:2
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2  Rescue me, Hashem, from evil men; save me from the lawless,

kha-l’-TZAY-nee a-do-NAI may-a-DAM RA may-EESH kha-ma-SEEM tin-tz’-RAY-nee

ב  חַלְּצֵנִי יְהֹוָה מֵאָדָם רָע מֵאִישׁ חֲמָסִים תִּנְצְרֵנִי׃

 140:2   Rescue me, Hashem, from evil men

This psalm is about evil men and their wicked plans. There are many terms for evil, but here the psalmist chooses a specific word, chamas (חמס), referring to a specific type of wickedness described elsewhere in the Bible. When, in the incipient stages of civilization, the generation of Noach began to cheat, steal, deceive and act with total corruption, the Bible laments that God saw chamas in the land (Genesis 6:11). Later, in the days of Yona, the people of Nineveh are also described as engaging in chamas (Jonah 3:8). The specific crimes described as “chamas” are particularly insidious, as they undermine the very framework of society. Here, as David lashes out at the depraved ones who wish to destroy him, he speaks about men of chamas with evil in their hearts, who constantly stir up violence. They use traps and speak with forked tongues. David asks Hashem to save him and all the innocents from these devious minds, and curses the evil men to fall into their own vicious traps and be torn asunder. Ultimately, David concludes that the righteous ones will acknowledge God’s great name and merit the presence of the Almighty.

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  • 140:2 Deliver me, O LORD, from the evil man

    How very strange that everything that David fears in men in his day I fear in men in the world right now in this very day of lawlessness and depravity. Man has betrayed and strayed from God so far that man has in so many cases will never find his way back. I am sad to say by mans deliberate arrogant self choice. This psalm is indeed about the wickedness of men and there evil ways. The psalmist brought up a certain word describing a very special kind of evil, ‘khamas’ Perhaps pertaining to an overwhelming evilness in the heart and the soul of men. Becoming so corrupt that they they were beyond redemption? David has reached his limit with thee people and is asking God for help in dealing with them. So much like what is going on with our world today. So tired of wars and rumors of Wars. All the lies of politics and corruption.

    David asks God to save him as well as all the innocents from these sick men of lies and devious sick filled minds of evilness. He curses these men that they should fall into there own evil demise that they wish for him and those that he shepherds in his kingdom. David needs to be strong and gather his strength and mind back into thought within God's peace and realize that those of his people and other leaders in his court will acknowledge who God truly is. They will bow before God and recognize His authority in Righteous fear and Love. For God is the Living God of Israel. God is The Creator Of all that there is and will always be. God is our father And we Israel are The Children of God forever and always. Amen. Carl

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Psalms 140:2

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