Psalms 136:23
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23  Who took note of us in our degradation, His steadfast love is eternal;

she-b’-shif-LAY-nu ZA-khar LA-nu KEE l’-o-LAM khas-DO

כג  שֶׁבְּשִׁפְלֵנוּ זָכַר לָנוּ כִּי לְעוֹלָם חַסְדּוֹ׃

136:23   Who took note of us in our degradation

This psalm praises Hashem for the kindness and mercy He has shown to the People of Israel throughout history. Each line praises God for a specific act of grace, and ends with the refrain, “His steadfast love is eternal.” The psalm begins with an account of different aspects of creation, continues with the exodus from Egypt and the travels in the desert, and concludes with the conquest of the lands of the eastern side of the Jordan river. Though it mentions that God gave the lands of Sihon and Og to the People of Israel as an inheritance, the psalm does not contain a line that explicitly praises Him for bequeathing the actual Promised Land to His people. Instead, it speaks of Hashem’s constant presence in their lives, remembering His people even in their “degradation” and delivering them from their enemies. According to some interpretations, this refers to Hashem’s dedication to the people even after they sin and are expelled from the land. It seems that the psalmist takes for granted that God has designated the Land of Israel for His nation. Thus, he sings praises for all the events which led to the acquisition of the land, and about what happened after its settlement , but does not need to mention the actual settling of the land itself..

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  • 136:23 Who remembered us in our low estate

    The psalm is important because it praises God his kindness and mercy but not through a specific time but through all the Jewish peoples time since well through there creation. Perhaps from the time of the Garden of Eden also. The amazing part is that each line or praise ends with the phrase “for His mercy endureth forever.”And Thank you Dear Lord that your mercy does endure forever. For the fact that being human we do sin and so often, very often get our self's in such big trouble. It talks about accounts of our histories. Our exodus from Egypt. Those 40 years in the desert. The fight we fought to regain our lands.For God did give us the Jewish people the lands of Sihon and Og as an inheritance, God did promise to always be with his people, to be with the Children of Israel always. I feel it was that promise that held the Jewish people together in culture and spirit through the Diaspora.It, faith, was the great glue , was it not? God remember his people, his children, regardless if it be in the high or low in there struggle as a people. He promised never to leave them. When God makes a promise. He never goes back on it. Period. Amen. Carl

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Psalms 136:23

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