Psalms 132:6
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6  We heard it was in Efrat; we came upon it in the region of Jaar.

hi-nay sh’-ma-a-NU-ha v’-ef-RA-tah m’-tza-NU-ha bis-day YA-ar

ו  הִנֵּה־שְׁמַעֲנוּהָ בְאֶפְרָתָה מְצָאנוּהָ בִּשְׂדֵי־יָעַר׃

 132:6   We heard it was in Efrat

This is the longest of the 15 chapters of Tehillim known as the “Songs of Ascent”. It is dedicated to King David and his desire for a resting place for Hashem’s presence. David’s vow to bring the Aron of God to Yerushalayim was heard in Efrat, David’s birthplace, and its inhabitants helped him bring the holy ark to Yerushalayim . Also called Beit Lechem, the city of Efrat is mentioned in the Bible as the birthplace of Binyamin and the burial place of Rachel (Genesis 35:19). In 1983, the Israeli religious Zionist settlement of Efrat was established by Moshe Moskowitz and Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, its chief rabbi, near modern day Bethlehem. Today, with close to ten thousand residents, thirty synagogues and many educational and religious institutions, Efrat is a thriving community built on the principles of Torah and dedication to the Nation of Israel.

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Psalms 132:6

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