Psalms 12:7
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7  The words of Hashem are pure words, silver purged in an earthen crucible, refined sevenfold.

im-ROT a-do-NAI a-ma-ROT t’-ho-ROT KE-sef tza-RUF ba-a-LEEL la-A-retz m’-zu-KAK shiv-a-TA-yim

ז  אִמֲרוֹת יְהֹוָה אֲמָרוֹת טְהֹרוֹת כֶּסֶף צָרוּף בַּעֲלִיל לָאָרֶץ מְזֻקָּק שִׁבְעָתָיִם׃

 12:7   Silver purged in an earthen crucible, refined sevenfold

Copper mines in Timna Valley

This psalm contrasts the language of the wicked, who speak duplicitously with a forked tongue, with the pure unadulterated words of God. To express the level of purity of Hashem’s words, the verse uses the metaphor of metal mined from the earth, which goes through seven stages of refinement in order to arrive at a level of purity worthy of a precious metal. It is not surprising that the psalmist would be aware of the process of metallurgy. Archaeology at Timna Park in southern Israel reveals evidence of copper mining going back thousands of years. In 1959, an archeo-metallurgical expedition under the leadership of Dr. Beno Othenberg began, and ultimately revealed over 10,000 copper mines in the southern Arava region of Israel. More contemporary discoveries date some of the mines to the eleventh to ninth centuries BCE, which coincides with the period of the Israelite kingdom.

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  • In the commentary the phrase relating to the comparison of the wicked to the unadulterated word of HaShem really went deep for me. Where do we find the unadulterated word? I am so happy that I found this sight. The scriptures have come alive to me and continue to change my heart each day. It is amazing to reflect on how many levels prescious metal must go through and the fact that the priest had to go through the same levels of purification.

    Each day brings a new revelation in the Word of HaShem, it is living. May it be a living word in my heart like David.

  • Back in the day of David and way before, there were given to the Jewish peoples back in the desert in the days of Moses's. Along with the Ten Commandments and the Talmud. Laws of purification rights especially in the service of the Tabernacle if memory serves me correct. Seven levels of purification of water pertaining to the cleaning of the High priest before he went into the Holy of Hollies. I was always amazed at the level of health that the Jewish peoples had maintained during there time in Egypt and in the desert. They were always so much healthier than the Egyptian peoples had ever been because they followed the health laws laid down in God's laws. I cannot remember which book I had read it in but I was amazed just how advanced the rules were concerning all kinds of health regulations, I mean they naturally came from the very mouth of God to the minds of the men who then wrote them down and they became the law. It was the Torah or the Talmud. Not sure But I was so amazed, but then again. God is truly amazing in all regard. Carl


Psalms 12:7

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