Psalms 116:14
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14  I will pay my vows to Hashem in the presence of all His people.

n’-da-RAI la-do-NAI a-sha-LAYM neg-dah NA l’-khol a-MO

יד  נְדָרַי לַיהֹוָה אֲשַׁלֵּם נֶגְדָה־נָּא לְכָל־עַמּוֹ׃

116:14   I will pay my vows to Hashem

Model of the second Beit Hamikdsash at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem

God does not like liars. Time and again the Bible reminds us to heed our words, stay away from falsehood and to refrain from deception. Here, the psalmist is disgusted with liars, whom he finds everywhere (verse 11). In contrast, he intends to abide by his words and fulfill his obligations. He therefore comes to the courtyard of the Beit Hamikdash in Yerushalayim to fulfill his promises and oaths (verse 19). Only in this way can he truly bring praise to God and acknowledge all the good that He has done for him (verse 12).

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  • 116:14 My vows will I pay unto the Lord

    First I want to say. The Lord thy God will know us by the sound of thine voice. I tell people this because I have learned that the more you pray to God the more he hears you in your prayers and he begins to look forward hearing from you and he recognizes your voice and says to himself, oh good it is my child Carl once again. I do enjoy hearing from him so often. This psalm when i first read it brought it to mind and I just wanted to share that thought.

    Ok we are told that God does not like liars. Thus being apart of the Ten Commandments I can understand this. The Bible tells us to heed our words that what comes out of the mouth can be very destructive. Very deceptive and cause great harm. A specific part of the Torah tells us that an entire book of the Talmud has been devoted to the subject of watching the word that do come out of our mouths and how dangerous they can truly be. Especially when you make promises.

    We can see that The psalmist is just livid with liars. He can't help but to seem to find them everywhere. This somewhat seems to be a human condition these days also. The psalmist who is a man of his word, plans on keeping his word and does not lie well as much as man with a strong will and with God's blessing will , will not lie. For with God's blessings we must all-way's remember all things are possible. We then find him in the courtyard of the Temple in Jerusalem. This way he can fulfill his obligations & oaths. In this way and he feels only this way he can accomplish his goals , to bring all the Praises and to acknowledge all the good that God has indeed done for him the psalmist. Perhaps for all of Israel, perhaps for all the known and unknown world. How indeed great is our God. The Living God of Israel. I do love God So. Amen. Carl


Psalms 116:14

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