Psalms 112:1
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1  Hallelujah. Happy is the man who fears Hashem, who is ardently devoted to His commandments.

ha-l’-lu-YAH ash-ray EESH ya-RAY et a-do-NAI b’-mitz-vo-TAV kha-FAYTZ m’-OD

א  הַלְלוּ יָהּ אַשְׁרֵי־אִישׁ יָרֵא אֶת־יְהֹוָה בְּמִצְוׂתָיו חָפֵץ מְאֹד׃

 112:1   Happy is the man who fears Hashem

Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik (1903-1993)

Psalm 111 is an acrostic praising Hashem, and Psalm 112 complements it with praises of man. Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik once remarked that “Jewish law is theo-centric, but anthropo-oriented.” He meant that while God is at the epicenter of the Torah, the Bible is really about human beings and how they interact with each other and with the Lord. Thus, while Psalm 111 dedicates itself to a complete praise of Hashem, Psalm 112 speaks of man and his capacity to live a life of praise and emulation of God. Man is happy and praiseworthy when all of his actions are focused on God, and oriented towards helping mankind.

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  • 112:1 Happy is the man that feareth the LORD

    Very wise words, these words above that are written. It has been said how can you fear the one that you love so much. yet without such fear, there lies the secret. There is a fear in this perfect love. It is mingled with respect, awe, and knowledge. Fear is the beginning of all wisdom in the beginning of the Love of our Lord thy God. We are told that Psalm 11 & 112 go hand in hand in the praise of man and the praise of God. We are told while God is the main epicenter of the Bible, man is the story of how we God's children interact with God. How we interact with one another. How we prosper when we follow the laws of God and how we fail when we do not. We fail not only in spiritual way, we fail in social, health, political. resources, even defense.

    Man is most happy when he praise God and follows his ways. Man grows in spiritual strength and by example shows his neighbors that his God is mighty and pure. Strong and Righteous. People who do not know the God oh Israel will see his grace through his peoples strength and civilization. There wisdom and purity. The God of Israel will be known in many country's and people will come to Israel to learn and perhaps to glorify His mighty name. Amen. Carl


Psalms 112:1

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