Psalms 107:8
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8  Let them praise Hashem for His steadfast love, His wondrous deeds for mankind;

yo-DU la-do-NAI khas-DO v’-nif-l’-o-TAV liv-NAY a-DAM

ח  יוֹדוּ לַיהֹוָה חַסְדּוֹ וְנִפְלְאוֹתָיו לִבְנֵי אָדָם׃

107:8   Let them praise Hashem for His steadfast love

In this beautiful psalm, King David describes the joy of seafarers who have been delivered from peril at sea. Upon arriving safely at port, they would publicly express their thanks to Hashem. Sharing the miracles in our lives with others, however big or small, leads more people to gain awareness of God’s intervention in the world. Additionally, it opens our own eyes, enabling us to focus on the good and to see the many blessings we receive from the Lord each day. God’s involvement in our lives is especially acute in the Land of Israel, “a land which Hashem your God looks after, on which Hashem your God always keeps His eye, from year’s beginning to year’s end” (Deuteronomy 11:12).

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  • 107:8 Let them give thanks unto the LORD for His mercy

    We are told that in the beginning of this psalm that King David tells us of the stories of the great joys of the seafarers in ancient times.How they were delivered and survived from storms at sea and from shipwrecks that would have destroyed average men but not mighty men like them of the sea. They would as a way of showing there faith in God to God to the people of there land make great stories in public giving thanks to the Lord thy God of there miracles they received regardless of great or small. So was there gratitude to God. So was there Love of God, that they wished to share and celebrate it with there fellow countryman. It also serves to make others aware of the Goodness and Greatness of our God. Perhaps to those that did not know of him to be of interest to find out and perhaps want to learn. This always a good and wonderful thing.

    By sharing stories out loud about how God has blessed us in our lives we begin to realize in our daily lives just how truly blessed we really are and have been. We may even want to learn more about our Father God and search out his Word and ways to Glorify his name. To serve him better in our daily lives. To make our families more aware of him and to do better in ways to learn, love and serve him.

    We learn that especially in Israel that the land and environment is especially conducive to producing the Love and the wanting to learn and a want to better to produce a better way to grow in your faith and growth towards God. You can feel the love of God in the land. You can feel the history of God in the very air of Israel, the valleys, mountains, lakes, rivers. God is the living history in every stone, in every child's face. In every old mans & woman aged eyes.

    We are told that the Lord thy God cares for Israel from the first day of the year to the last day. There can never be any reason not to believe this this fact. As told, the eyes of the lord thy God will forever be on the land of Israel and his Children Forever. For does not a father love his children forever and always/ is this not more so than ever for Israel. Amen, Carl

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Psalms 107:8

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