Psalms 102:15
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15  Your servants take delight in its stones, and cherish its dust.

kee ra-TZU a-va-DE-kha et a-va-NE-ha v’-et a-fa-RAH y’-kho-NAY-nu

טו  כִּי־רָצוּ עֲבָדֶיךָ אֶת־אֲבָנֶיהָ וְאֶת־עֲפָרָהּ יְחֹנֵנוּ׃

 102:15   Your servants… cherish its dust

Verse 14 contains a promise from Hashem, repeated often in the Bible, to redeem His people. Many ask by what right do the Children of Israel deserve to be redeemed. This verse implies that the answer lies in their commitment to the Land of Israel; even if the Jewish people demonstrate insufficient commitment to Torah, as long as they love the dust and the stones of Israel, God will consider this sufficient to allow for the redemption. Many of the early twentieth-century Zionists may not have been religiously observant, but nevertheless, it was their love of the land which paved the way for the beginning of the flowering of the redemption.

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  • Aaron

    Yes I agree with that we need to worship the creator, rather then the created. I believe this happening now in America that people that are having love for the land, rather then our creator, or even the word of God. Was it for the reason that it was hard in following the law the Torah, then love for the land?

  • If the “servants take delight in its stones and cherish its dust “, are they not getting dangerously close to breaking the very first commandment? Loving the land is not the same as loving and honoring the One who gave the land. The people are redeemed when they walk in HaShem’s ways, not when they tend the land and maintain an adulterous heart for that land.
    NOTE: Israel was not sent into exile because they didn’t take care of the land. By the same token, they won’t be redeemed if they do. Their prime focus must be HaShem and His ways; anything else is less and, therefore, can only be viewed as idolatry.
    But then, having said all that, it’s all up to HaShem, isn’t it? It’s His game and His rules. All praise is due Him alone!

  • We are told that the Bible is full of stories concerning God's promises to redeem the Jewish peoples. However the question needed to be asked is what have the Jewish people done to deserve and there for receive the ear to get God's redemption.
    It is implied that redemption will comes through the peoples continued development and commitment to there land of Israel.
    It is also implied that even if the people demonstrated a less than respectful commitment to the Torah, better to make a more perfect love to the dust & stone, thee land of Israel. I think that it has to be a blend of the two. Without the two intertwined the meaning of either one would somehow lose some of it's more spiritual binding meanings for the Children of Israel. Would this not bind God's redemption into a more greater perfect sustaining Covenant. I hope that I am thinking on the correct track with this?

    Even though the earliest Zionists were not the most religiously observant, they had the basics of there faith to sustain them in there drive to Love the land, there God given, promised land. Knowing what there history had gone through as a peoples had taught them, promised them, created the drive in them to love the land, fight for the land and oh yes die for the land that God had promised and had given them so many thousands of years before. Thus redemption comes from the love and promises of God even when lost he finds us and we find redemption were it always was in his deep love for his children and our deep love for our Father God. Carl

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Psalms 102:15

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