Psalms 31:22
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22  Blessed is Hashem, for He has been wondrously faithful to me, a veritable bastion.

ba-RUKH a-do-NAI KEE hif-LEE khas-DO LEE b’-EER ma-TZOR

כב  בָּרוּךְ יְהֹוָה כִּי הִפְלִיא חַסְדּוֹ לִי בְּעִיר מָצוֹר׃

 31:22   For He has been wondrously faithful to me, a veritable bastion

Rashi (1040-1105)

King David sings Hashem’s praise for being by his side during the most trying times, especially when King Shaul seeks to destroy him. David teaches us the recipe for protecting against enemies even from within: Keep God close by, and heed His words. In this verse, he praises the Lord for being faithful to him b’eer matzor (בעיר מצור). Though translated here a ‘a veritable bastion,’ these words can also mean ‘a besieged city.’ According to Rashi, this is a reference to the city of Keilah, described in Shmuel I (chapter 23). After saving that city from the Philistines, David learns that Shaul is on the chase. He wonders if the people of Keilah will turn him over to Shaul, and asks Hashem for guidance because Keilah is “a town with gates and bars” (I Samuel 23:7) and once Shaul arrives he will be trapped inside. God tells David that Shaul is indeed on the way, and that the people of Keilah will turn on him if he remains in the ‘besieged city.’ David gathers his men and leaves the city at once, causing Shaul to give up the chase. Once again, David, saved by Hashem’s counsel, sings a song of praise to his redeemer.

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  • Keeping God close, what a joy to think of this. I want to dwell in His secret place Aand forever be close to Him.

  • keep God close by and heed His words, wisdom of the wise man this David is. Keep God close by always and his word always in and next to ones heart always. The enemies from within and without. i like that this is mentioned and very true. There can be attacks from evil to the heart & soul of man that can do more damage to the man than can an attack against the body of man. So it is always vigilant to have the Lord once again both in your heart and by your side always. I have learned like David has learned well before i did for sure that always praise God. Praise God even when he does nothing for you. Praise him just because you love him. Praise him for his creation. praise him for your parents. Praise him for his Greatness & his Glory. When it comes to the time of your need turn to God and pry for his guidance. See God will know each of us by the sound of our voices. He will recognize each one of us each time we pray the more often we pray or praise his name. he will look forward to hear from us each and every day. God will be by our side to help us like he was by David's side because he always new David by his prayers, by his praise, by his deep and never ending love. Carl


Psalms 31:22

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