Isaiah 21:5
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5  “Set the table!” To “Let the watchman watch!” “Eat and drink!” To “Up, officers! Grease the shields!”

a-ROKH ha-shul-KHAN tza-FOH ha-tza-FEET a-KHOL sha-TOH KU-mu ha-sa-REEM mish-KHU ma-GAYN

ה  עָרֹךְ הַשֻּׁלְחָן צָפֹה הַצָּפִית אָכוֹל שָׁתֹה קוּמוּ הַשָּׂרִים מִשְׁחוּ מָגֵן׃

21:5   Eat and drink

Yeshayahu relays another prophecy directed towards Babylon. Since their country is protected by watchmen, its nobles eat, oblivious to the danger that approaches. Their dining, however, is interrupted with the call to battle. The fulfillment of Yeshayahu‘s prophecy is described in Sefer Daniel 5, which depicts the capture of Babylon as its inhabitants are engaged in revelry at Belshazzar’s feast. To Yehuda, which looks for allies against the Assyrian threat, Yeshayahu reiterates that Babylon’s time is also limited. The surest guarantee of safety is trust in Hashem alone.

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Isaiah 21:5

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