Ezekiel 41:18
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18  It consisted of cherubs and palm trees, with a palm tree between every two cherubs. Each cherub had two faces:

v’-a-SUY k’-ru-VEEM v’-ti-mo-REEM v’-ti-mo-RAH bayn k’-RUV likh-RUV ush-NA-yim pa-NEEM la-k’-RUV

יח  וְעָשׂוּי כְּרוּבִים וְתִמֹרִים וְתִמֹרָה בֵּין־כְּרוּב לִכְרוּב וּשְׁנַיִם פָּנִים לַכְּרוּב׃

 41:18  It consisted of cherubs and palm trees

Methuselah date plam tree

On the walls of the inner and outer chambers of the Beit Hamikdash in Yechezkel’s vision are cherubs and palm trees. These two items also appear in Shlomo’s Temple (II Kings 6:29-36). The significance of the cherubs as dividers between mankind and God has been discussed in chapter 10. The palm tree symbolizes both righteousness (Psalms 92:13) and longevity. In fact, in 2005, a date palm was successfully grown from a two-thousand-year-old seed found on Masada, becoming the oldest seed ever to be brought back to life. The tree, nicknamed “Methuselah” after the longest-living figure in the Bible (Genesis 5:27), is now over two meters tall and has sprouted flowers. Ancient Judean dates were known to have healing properties and Israeli researchers are hoping that Methuselah will also have medicinal qualities that will benefit future generations.

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Ezekiel 41:18

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