Ezekiel 4:9
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9  “Further, take wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet, and emmer. Put them into one vessel and bake them into bread. Eat it as many days as you lie on your side: three hundred and ninety.

v’-a-TAH kakh l’-KHA khi-TEEN us-o-REEM u-FOL va-a-da-SHEEM v’-DO-khan v’-khu-s’-MEEM v’-na-ta-TAH o-TAM bikh-LEE e-KHAD v’-a-SEE-ta o-TAM l’-KHA l’-LA-khem mis-PAR ha-ya-MEEM a-sher a-TAH sho-KHAYV al tzi-d’-KHA sh’-losh may-OT v’-tish-EEM YOM to-kh’-LE-nu

ט  וְאַתָּה קַח־לְךָ חִטִּין וּשְׂעֹרִים וּפוֹל וַעֲדָשִׁים וְדֹחַן וְכֻסְּמִים וְנָתַתָּה אוֹתָם בִּכְלִי אֶחָד וְעָשִׂיתָ אוֹתָם לְךָ לְלָחֶם מִסְפַּר הַיָּמִים אֲשֶׁר־אַתָּה שׁוֹכֵב עַל־צִדְּךָ שְׁלֹשׁ־מֵאוֹת וְתִשְׁעִים יוֹם תֹּאכֲלֶנּוּ׃

 4:9   And bake them into bread 

Yechezkel demonstrates to his listeners the dire straits the people from Yerushalayim are in during the final Babylonian siege against the city. According to the Talmud (Eruvin 81a), Yechezkel rations to himself inedible flour and inferior grains and limits his water in order to portray the austere conditions under which the people of Yerushalayim are suffering. As a final blow, these foods are prepared in an impure manner (verse 13), something repulsive to the sensitive prophet-priest. Indeed, bread and water were very scarce during the Babylonian siege of Yerushalayim, as the Bible indicates elsewhere: “The tongue of the suckling cleaves to its palate for thirst. Little children beg for bread; none gives them a morsel.” (Lamentations 4:4).

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  • Ezekiel is such a pure example of obedience to HaShem. I think of the prophets of today, could they do this if HaShem asked. Could I be so obedient to Him? Am I truely sold out to HaShem? Can I call Him Father? Son of man, where else have we heard this?

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Ezekiel 4:9

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