Ezekiel 36:8
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8  But you, O mountains of Yisrael, shall yield your produce and bear your fruit for My people Yisrael, for their return is near.

v’-a-TEM ha-RAY yis-ra-AYL an-p’-KHEM ti-TAY-nu u-fer-y’-KHEM tis-U l’-a-MEE yis-ra-AYL kee kay-r’-VU la-VO

ח  וְאַתֶּם הָרֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל עַנְפְּכֶם תִּתֵּנוּ וּפֶרְיְכֶם תִּשְׂאוּ לְעַמִּי יִשְׂרָאֵל כִּי קֵרְבוּ לָבוֹא׃

 36:8 But you, O mountains of Yisrael, shall yield your produce

Eshtaol Forest planted by the Jewish National Fund

In this prophecy, Hashem promises that the land will again be inhabited by the house of Israel and that it will flourish, pledging that the mountains will grow trees and produce fruits for the sake of His returning nation. Since the Jewish people have returned to Israel, the land has indeed begun to flourish, and there are once again trees growing throughout the land. In fact, under the direction of the Jewish National Fund, over 250,000,000 trees have been planted in Israel since 1901. While the world struggles with deforestation, Israel is the only country that ended the twentieth century with more trees than it had at its start. According to Rabbi Abba of the Talmud (Sanhedrin 98a), the flourishing of the Land of Israel described in this verse is a clear sign that the complete and final redemption is near.

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Ezekiel 36:8

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