Ezekiel 27:3
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3  Say to Tyre: O you who dwell at the gateway of the sea, Who trade with the peoples on many coastlands: Thus said Hashem: O Tyre, you boasted, I am perfect in beauty.

v’-a-mar-TA l’-TZOR ha-yo-SHE-vet al m’-vo-OT YAM ro-KHE-let ha-a-MEEM el i-YEEM ra-BEEM KOH a-MAR a-do-NAI e-lo-HEEM TZOR AT a-MAR-t’ a-NEE k’-LEE-lat YO-fee

ג  וְאָמַרְתָּ לְצוֹר הישבתי [הַיֹּשֶׁבֶת] עַל־מְבוֹאֹת יָם רֹכֶלֶת הָעַמִּים אֶל־אִיִּים רַבִּים כֹּה אָמַר אֲדֹנָי יְהוִה צוֹר אַתְּ אָמַרְתְּ אֲנִי כְּלִילַת יֹפִי׃

27:3  I am perfect in beauty

Yechezkel laments the downfall of Tyre, blaming her ruin on arrogance. He compares Tyre to a beautiful ship, made of the finest materials by expert craftsmen (verses 4-11). He then gives a detailed description of the commercial activity that enriched the port city (verses 12-25). However, the proud ship, reliant on its wealth for its success and safety, was too full and heavy, a dangerous state for a vessel in deep waters. It therefore sank at the first storm (verses 26-36). As an expression of her arrogance, Tyre says about herself “I am perfect in beauty,” a biblical phrase that had been used by Yirmiyahu to describe Yerushalayim (Lamentations 2:15).

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Ezekiel 27:3

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