Ezekiel 19:7
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7  He ravished their widows, Laid waste their cities; The land and all in it were appalled At the sound of his roaring.

va-YAY-da al-m’-no-TAV v’-a-ray-HEM he-khe-REEV va-tay-SHAM E-retz um-lo-AH mi-KOL sha-a-ga-TO

ז  וַיֵּדַע אַלְמְנוֹתָיו וְעָרֵיהֶם הֶחֱרִיב וַתֵּשַׁם אֶרֶץ וּמְלֹאָהּ מִקּוֹל שַׁאֲגָתוֹ׃

 19:7  At the sound of his roaring

Rashi (1040-1105)

Yechezkel laments the final kings of Yehuda, whose royal family sign was the lion, and blames King Yehoyakim for turning the land to waste. Rashi suggests that through the policy of excessive taxation he instituted in order to pay tribute to Egypt, Yehoyakim impoverished the cities, leading to their destruction. A leader has great responsibilities towards his people and the Kings of Yehuda are held accountable for impoverishing the nation.

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Ezekiel 19:7

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