Numbers 2:3
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3  Camped on the front, or east side: the standard of the division of Yehuda, troop by troop. Chieftain of the Judites: Nachshon son of Aminadav.

v’-ha-kho-NEEM KAY-d’-mah miz-RA-khah DE-gel ma-kha-NAY y’-hu-DAH l’-tziv-o-TAM v’-na-SEE liv-NAY y’-hu-DAH nakh-SHON ben a-mee-na-DAV

ג  וְהַחֹנִים קֵדְמָה מִזְרָחָה דֶּגֶל מַחֲנֵה יְהוּדָה לְצִבְאֹתָם וְנָשִׂיא לִבְנֵי יְהוּדָה נַחְשׁוֹן בֶּן־עַמִּינָדָב׃

2:3   The standard of the division of Yehuda

The emblem of Jerusalem bearing the lion of Yehuda

As the forebear of the Davidic dynasty, Yehuda is given a place of honor in the Israelite camp. When the camp is not in motion, the tribe of Yehuda camps to the east of the Mishkan, which is considered the front, as it is the direction of the rising sun. And when they travel, the tribe of Yehuda goes in front, leading the Nation on its journey through the desert. As Yehuda led the Nation of Israel to the Promised Land, his descendant, the Mashiach ben David, will similarly gather the Children of Israel from all over the world and bring them back to Eretz Yisrael.

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Numbers 2:3

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