Genesis 50:24
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24  At length, Yosef said to his brothers, “I am about to die. Hashem will surely take notice of you and bring you up from this land to the land that He promised on oath to Avraham, to Yitzchak, and to Yaakov.”

va-YO-mer yo-SAYF el e-KHAV a-no-KHEE MAYT vay-lo-HEEM pa-KOD yif-KOD et-KHEM v’-he-e-LAH et-KHEM min ha-A-retz ha-ZOT el ha-A-retz a-SHER nish-BA l’-av-ra-HAM l’-yitz-KHAHK ul-ya-a-KOV

כד  וַיֹּאמֶר יוֹסֵף אֶל־אֶחָיו אָנֹכִי מֵת וֵאלֹהִים פָּקֹד יִפְקֹד אֶתְכֶם וְהֶעֱלָה אֶתְכֶם מִן־הָאָרֶץ הַזֹּאת אֶל־הָאָרֶץ אֲשֶׁר נִשְׁבַּע לְאַבְרָהָם לְיִצְחָק וּלְיַעֲקֹב׃

 50:24   Hashem will surely take notice of you

These words are spoken by Yosef to reassure his brothers that Hashem will one day bring the Israelites out of Egypt and into Eretz Yisrael. The Sages point out that the phrase used by Yosef, “surely take notice,” is repeated many years later by Moshe when he tells the Jewish people that the time had come for their redemption (see Exodus 3:16). Yosef initiated an oral tradition among the descendants of Yaakov; the words “surely take notice” became a code for their national redemption. When later generations hear this phrase uttered by Moshe, they understand that their redemption is imminent.


 50:24   To Avraham, to Yitzchak, and to Yaakov.

The story of the origins of the Jewish nation through God’s selection of Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov is timeless. Though God indeed fulfilled His promise redeem Avraham’s children from Egypt, the story does not end there; it continues to unfold over thousands of years. Hashem made an eternal promise to Avraham and to his descendants, the Jewish people. While there are many difficult times along the way — persecution, slavery, exile, pogroms, and even the horrors of the twentieth century — the Jewish people will ultimately emerge as a great nation residing in Eretz Yisrael.

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Genesis 50

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  • Glennis Rogerson

    Sorry I cannot find the right place to ask this question. I have just sourced Lamentations for an essay and it mentions thirteen attributes of God. where can I find these and where do they come from. Please. thank you

  • Great commentary, thank you. I have a sense of great joy as I read this chapter and the commentary. How often do things look as though they are dead or dying, there seems to be no hope and suddenly there is a flame and the fire is lit again. And so too the fire is lit in the hearts of Jacob's children and those of Joseph. It may have taken many years for the promise of freedom came true, but it did! 'Hashem is not a man that He should lie'.
    I like the prophetic words 'Elohim shall surely visit you'. Hashem kept His word again!

  • "And Yoseph made the children of Yisra’ĕl swear, saying, 'Elohim shall certainly visit you, and you shall bring up my bones from here'”.
    The fulfilment of Yoseph's prediction came true, but only 144 years after his death! Then, in Elohim's timetable, the day dawned for Israel's departure from Egypt:
    "And Moses took Yoseph’s bones with him, because Yoseph had made the sons of Israel solemnly swear: 'Elohim will not fail to turn his attention to you, and you must take my bones up out of here with you'".
    (Exodus 13:19-20)
    The next forty years the coffin with Yoseph's embalmed body was carried around in the wilderness, while the people moved from one stopover to the next. And possibly also for some time afterwards, when, under Yoshua's leadership, it took Israel almost six years to largely conquer the land. Yoshua 24:32 tells us:
    "The bones of Yoseph, which the children of Israel brought up out of Egypt, buried they in Shechem, in the parcel of ground which Jacob bought of the sons of Hamor the father of Shechem for a hundred pieces of money: and they became the inheritance of the children of Yoseph".
    That feature of the Exodus also sheds a special light on Israel's rebellion and disbelief at the time of the return of the twelve spies.
    Because of the demoralizing report that was made to their brothers by ten of them, the people refused to go up even further. In their uprising, they even wanted to kill the two faithful spies, Yoshua and Caleb, and to replace Moses as their head in order to return to Egypt under a new leader!
    What then, in that case, intended they to do with the coffin in which they were carrying Yoseph’s bones ? Did they want that particular sign take back to Egypt, considering that sign, granted them graciously by YHWH Elohim, as worthless? Apparently, they were willing to do so in their unbelief! However, in reality, such an act would mean the breaking of an oath which was made to the dying Yoseph, and even more: nothing less than showing disloyalty to YHWH their Elohim (Numbers 13:17 to 14:10).
    For more details and lessons, see: Yoseph’s burial

  • and these struggles continue not only for Israel, but for the whole of humanity, slavery, existentialism, etc………..

Genesis 50:24

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