Jeremiah 48:13
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13  And Moab shall be shamed because of Chemosh, as the House of Yisrael were shamed because of Beit El, on whom they relied.

u-VOSH mo-AV mik-MOSH ka-a-sher BO-shu BAYT yis-ra-AYL mi-BAYT AYL miv-te-KHAM

יג  וּבֹשׁ מוֹאָב מִכְּמוֹשׁ כַּאֲשֶׁר־בֹּשׁוּ בֵּית יִשְׂרָאֵל מִבֵּית אֵל מִבְטֶחָם׃

 48:13   As the House of Yisrael were shamed because of Beit El 

Rabbi Amnon Bazak (b. 1966)

Yirmiyahu asserts that Moab will be as embarrassed about relying on their god, Chemosh, as the Jews were about relying on Yerovam’s golden calves. According to contemporary Israeli scholar Rabbi Amnon Bazak, Yerovam’s calves were intended to replace the two cherubs found on top of the ark in the Beit Hamikdash. He placed one in Dan, the northern border of his kingdom, and one in Beit El, at the southern border, to signify that the Divine Presence shall rest between the two calves, throughout his entire kingdom, just as it rests between the two cherubs on top of the ark. Yerovam hoped that instead of viewing Yerushalayim and the Beit Hamikdash as the sole place of God’s Presence, they would see the entire Land of Israel as the resting place for God’s glory. The people, however, failed to internalize Yerovam’s intended message and instead of worshipping Hashem throughout the land, they worshiped the calves themselves, angering God and eventually leading to their exile.

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  • Would Rabbi Amnon Bazak accept that the calves would have had the same 'spiritual' meaning as the Cherubim placed on the Ark of the Covenant? notwithstanding the hearts of the people worshipping the Calves instead. That they were placed significantly to indicate the territory given to the Israelites and where the 'Divine Presence' would dwell. Hashemm said that He would meet with us 'Between the wings of the Cherubim' so maybe the israelites thought the same was meant for the calves. I understand that the danger lay in the worship of the calves, whereas there was not the same regarding the Cherubim.
    I'm just thinking out loud and trying to get my head around it.

  • At his is such an important scripture and commentary. In the New Testament the tribe of Dan is not mentioned in the book of Revelation could it be because of the idol worship? However the Lord takes back all of Isreal.


Jeremiah 48:13

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