Jeremiah 46:27
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27  But you, Have no fear, My servant Yaakov, Be not dismayed, O Yisrael! I will deliver you from far away, Your folk from their land of captivity; And Yaakov again shall have calm And quiet, with none to trouble him.

v’-a-TAH al tee-RA av-DEE ya-a-KOV v’-al tay-KHAT yis-ra-AYL KEE hin-n’-NEE mo-shi-a-KHA may-ra-KHOK v’-et zar-a-KHA may-E-retz shiv-YAM v’-SHAV ya-a-KOV v’-sha-KAT v’-sha-a-NAN v’-AYN ma-kha-REED

כז  וְאַתָּה אַל־תִּירָא עַבְדִּי יַעֲקֹב וְאַל־תֵּחַת יִשְׂרָאֵל כִּי הִנְנִי מוֹשִׁעֲךָ מֵרָחוֹק וְאֶת־זַרְעֲךָ מֵאֶרֶץ שִׁבְיָם וְשָׁב יַעֲקוֹב וְשָׁקַט וְשַׁאֲנַן וְאֵין מַחֲרִיד׃

46:27   I will deliver you from far away

Yirmiyahu once again prophesies against the nations of the world. He begins with Egypt, upon whom the Israelites relied for protection from Babylonia, instead of relying on God. After harsh words of destruction and doom directed at the Egyptians, he then addresses the Jewish people. Given the harsh fate that awaits those peoples who defy God, Yirmiyahu turns to console the Children of Israel. Though they have sinned against God and have been punished, God’s love for them is eternal, and they will eventually return to their homeland.


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Jeremiah 46:27

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