Jeremiah 18:14
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14  Does one forsake Lebanon snow From the mountainous rocks? Does one abandon cool water Flowing from afar?

ha-ya-a-ZOV mi-TZUR sha-DAI SHE-leg l’-va-NON im yi-na-t’-SHU MA-yim za-REEM ka-REEM no-z’-LEEM

יד  הֲיַעֲזֹב מִצּוּר שָׂדַי שֶׁלֶג לְבָנוֹן אִם־יִנָּתְשׁוּ מַיִם זָרִים קָרִים נוֹזְלִים׃

 19:2   Go out to the Valley of Ben-hinnom

The prophet contrasts the steadfastness of nature with the inconsistency of the Israelites, who change their ways and stumble from one failure to another, astonishing everyone who sees them. This is unlike the snows in Lebanon to Israel’s north. There, the summits consistently remain white. Indeed, the snow would disappear if found anywhere else. So too, the natural place of the Jewish people is with Hashem in the Land of Israel, but they refuse to remain with Him, and will therefore be scattered.

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Jeremiah 18:14

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