Exodus 11:3
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3  Hashem disposed the Egyptians favorably toward the people. Moreover, Moshe himself was much esteemed in the land of Egypt, among Pharaoh’s courtiers and among the people.

va-yi-TAYN a-do-NAI et KHAYN ha-AM b’-ay-NAY mitz-RA-yim GAM ha-EESH mo-SHEH ga-DOL m’-OD b’-E-retz mitz-RA-yim b’-ay-NAY av-DAY far-OH uv-ay-NAY ha-AM

ג  וַיִּתֵּן יְהֹוָה אֶת־חֵן הָעָם בְּעֵינֵי מִצְרָיִם גַּם הָאִישׁ מֹשֶׁה גָּדוֹל מְאֹד בְּאֶרֶץ מִצְרַיִם בְּעֵינֵי עַבְדֵי־פַרְעֹה וּבְעֵינֵי הָעָם׃

 11:3   Hashem disposed the Egyptians favorably toward the people

Rabbi Samson R. Hirsch (1808-1888)

What transpires at this time that causes the Egyptians to finally find value in the Jewish nation and Moshe? Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch posits that after the plague of darkness, when the Egyptians were able to see again, they finally acknowledge the morality of the people they have cruelly enslaved. For three days, Egypt was blind and immobilized; the Jews could have easily taken advantage of this situation. Yet, when the light returns at the conclusion of the plague, the Egyptians discover that nothing has been moved from its rightful place. At this juncture, the Egyptians stand in awe of the Jewish people and Moshe, their leader. The Jewish mission is to be a light unto the nations, an example of honesty, morality and closeness to Hashem. When the People of Israel live up to this mission, the world is in awe.

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  • Good comment and insight, it may have been that the Egyptians realized the Hebrews had a higher calling, anyone less might have taken advantage of the darkness. I wonder if some of the things we see happening around the world right now, floods, fires, tornadoes etc are signs of judgements of Hashem against nations that speak ill of Israel and the Jewish Nation. Oh that man might listen and hear!
    The scene is now set for the Angel of death to visit Egypt, and then the Passover. One proud and arrogant man and so much destroyed and lost, and death touches every family in one way or another.


Exodus 11:3

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